5 Things To Expect When Looking For A Car
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5 Things To Expect When Looking For A Car

It's a long, sometimes vicious cycle, but it's worth it.

5 Things To Expect When Looking For A Car
Katie Hillman

I was recently able to check something pretty huge off of my adult check list: I bought my first car and car insurance policy. Before I made anything official, I spent most of my free time searching apps and websites trying to find the best deal. When something big like this takes up this much time, you tend to slip into a general cycle.

1. Calculating your budget

Trying to figure out how much you can actually spend, not only on a down payment but per month, is super stressful. There's a lot of stuff you have to take into consideration, and that means a lot of math, which is never fun. Can I just get a car grant? Please?

2. Starting your search, and realizing how poor you are.

Okay, my budget is x down and x a month, that doesn't sound too bad. Oh, wow, even all of these beat up cars are more than that. What am I going to do?

3. Finding the perfect car, with a catch

You're searching and searching for what feels like years, and it finally catches your eye. You finally see a car that has the perfect price tag that has seemingly the perfect look. You start getting excited because you think your search may be coming to a close. But then you do a little more digging and you find out it has way too many miles on it, or maybe carfax shows an accident or too. No matter what it is, something in your gut tells you to keep going and you continue your search.

4. Getting overwhelmed

Buying a car is a huge step, which can be super overwhelming just thinking about it. There are so many options to consider, so many things to look for and look out for. If this is your first time, it's going to be extra overwhelming, especially with everyone trying to offer advice and help you. It's great to have help, but it can still, in that moment, make your head want to explode from taking so many things into consideration at once.

5. Finding your perfect fit.

You might have to start back at square one a few times. You might get disappointed and feel like you'll never find the best fit at this point, especially if you're on a lower budget. But then eventually, you finally see it. The perfect car for the perfect price. And then you can breathe a sigh of relief, even though your bank account may not like what you're doing. After all your hard work though, you deserve it.

All in all, buying a car is overwhelming and hard, but it's super worth it in the end. And just think, at the end of it you can drive yourself to go get some ice cream or other treat, you've definitely earned it.

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