We're more connected than ever. Now we can see what our crushes and budding relationships are up to on way more platforms. So, we end up stressing in ways we've never been able to stress before.

1. "He's liking pictures of other girls"

Before, you'd never know if your crush was checking out other girls. Now, you can see it on your activity page on Instagram. Welcome to a whole new level of obsessing.

2. "He's online and didn't text me back"

Ah, the age old question. He's online, and maybe he even saw your new insta pic or your new story but didn't text you back.

3. "He looks hot."

Okay yeah you definitely like him.

4. "He saw my snap but didn't send me anything back"


5. "Who is she?!"

Maybe an old girlfriend, maybe a friend, maybe a sister. Probably not someone to worry about.