5 Things Tattooed People Are Tired Of Hearing

5 Things Tattooed People Are Tired Of Hearing

Do people think we aren’t aware that our tattoos are permanent or something?


For tattoo enthusiasts, the excitement of walking out of the shop with fresh ink and showing off your new piece of art to all your friends never gets old. What does get old, however, is receiving negative comments about tattoos from people who are less than enthusiastic about them. These statements and questions have been thrown at members of the inked population ever since tattoos became a more regular, mainstream part of our culture, and they really get under our skin.

1.“Do you really want that on your body for the rest of your life?”

Do people think we aren’t aware that our tattoos are permanent or something?

2.“What are your kids going to think of your tattoos?”

Probably that they’re doomed, because having tattoos is clearly a sign that I’m going to be a terrible parent.

3.“Think about how you’re going to look in your wedding dress with those!”

Actually, I have! I think I’m gonna look awesome! In fact, when I shop for my wedding dress, I’m specifically going to look for one that shows them off! My fiancé, who may even have tattoos himself, is gonna love it!

4. “Good luck getting a job with those tattoos.”

Again, something we’ve already thought about. Tattoos are very common among our generation and are far more accepted in the workplace than they ever were in the past. Some employers may be perfectly fine with visible tattoos, and many others ask that they stay hidden, which can easily be done with clothes or makeup. In fact, still others actually prefer to hire people with tattoos to advance the hip, trendy identity of the company! It isn’t too big a concern for us.

5.“If you’re going to get a tattoo, at least get something that has meaning.”

Some people get tattoos to represent something important or significant to them, and some people get tattoos simply because they think the design is beautiful or interesting. Both are perfectly okay. We see tattoos as an art form and a means of self-expression, just like the clothes, jewelry and hairstyles we wear.

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