We all have those classes that seem impossible to conquer. In reality, it’s actually super simple. All it takes is a little bit of determination (and a whole lotta coffee) and you’ll be on the fast track to star student status in no time.

1. Show up.

It may seem obvious, but you have to actually go to class. Not only that, but you have to pay attention. Wake up, grab your coffee, sit in your favorite seat, and listen to the lecture. It’s two hours. Going to class will not only keep you regularly reminded of the course subjects, but give you an opportunity to internalize what you are learning by hearing it taught by someone else. Getting notes from other classmates and completing the readings is awesome, but nothing beats being taught in a lecture setting. So go to class. On time.

2. Take notes.

Write, write, and write some more. Taking notes by hand is proven to be more effective than typing on your laptop, but any way you can get the information down is better than nothing. Not only does note-taking keep you more focused on the professor, but it also provides great resources from which to study for exams outside of class.

3. Bring snacks.

Nothing is worse than a case of mid-class munchies. Pack some healthy snacks, but don't be that guy munching on loud chips in the middle of the lecture. Snacking can help your memory, and also keeps you awake and alert.

4. Find a friend.

Having a friend to suffer with helps make even the worst class more bearable. Consider registering for classes with friends, or make a new friend. Friends equal motivators, study buddies, and a second brain to get all the info you missed. Seriously. Friends can mean the difference between a C or an A if you’re smart about it. Cry together. Study together. Make fun of your prof together. Find a friend.

5. Go to office hours

One of the best things you can do is to find help. At some point your notes and study groups just don't cut it, and you need something more. Go see your professor at office hours. For the most past, profs are willing and able to help. They'll get you a tutor, arm you with new study tips, or explain the confusing aspects until you understand. More often than not, admitting that you're struggling shows your professors that you car- - and in turn makes them much more apt to help.

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ll be there again. We all have those classes that just seem unbearable. The awesome thing is, though, that if you’re dedicated to improving, you totally will. Follow these tips to keep you motivated and focused. You survived puberty. You can survive this.