5 Stupid Things People Say At Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree, Gods gift to retail. The only dollar store that you can walk into and find that everything, YES AND I MEAN EVERYTHING, is a $1 (plus tax) or less. But after a year of working at Dollar Tree as a cashier, I have found that this store is not exempt from the ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY that humanity can bring through the doors of other retail establishments.

1. How much does this cost?

You're kidding me right? It's literally plastered on the entrance of the store in big green letters, it's been placed all over the inside of the store, and might I remind you that the name of the store is DOLLAR TREE? AND YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU DON'T KNOW THE PRICE OF THE ITEM YOU'RE HOLDING?

2. That's too expensive.

I'm sorry what? Too expensive? You must think that we're Walmart or something and have the money to sell you several items for a dollar. You can waste the gas money to drive to some other store if you want to, but if you do the math on average you will spend much less money at the dollar store then you would at some of the bigger retailers who would same some of the same items in my store for twice as much!

3. Can you give me a subtotal? Could you take this item off?

I don't know, can you count for once in your life? Dollar Tree is one of those stores where if you want to find out what your total is just count your items! The two questions above are linked because one always leads to the other. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who will wait until they get in their line to start counting and then ask the cashiers to take stuff off. Here's where the problem comes in. In any and all retail stores they monitor theft very closely, if a cashier has too many voids they get accused of stealing and/or get punished or fired. So if you want to void a certain number of items, I have to call my manager to do a post void thus freeing me from any and all stealing suspicions. Sadly, this requires the cashier to ring up the customers items all over again and can hold up the line. Frustrating I know, but it's not their faults you were too lazy to count.

4. What do you mean you don't do refunds?

You came into Dollar Tree expecting us to give you a refund for a $1 item?

You must be really petty if you think Dollar Tree is actually going to give full refunds. If you look at your recent you'll see a nice message for you. We will gladly exchange any unopened item with the original receipt. Dollar Tree cannot afford to have a policy that allows full refunds because people would abuse it to the max and we'd end up losing more money then profit. By only doing exchanges this allows us to make sure your money and ours isn't wasted. Take it or leave it it's only a dollar.

5. Do you sell (insert very expensive item here)?

The struggle of having to keep a straight face when someone ask me these kinds of questions. Do you sell cigarettes here? Do you sell car batteries here? Do you sell digital cameras here? Oh yes here at Dollar Tree we do the unthinkable and sell cigarettes at cheap prices (which is illegal) and we also sell expensive electronics that usually go from $100+ at other stores for only $1! Who knew you could find such extravagances at this store?

I could go on, but I'm going to stop here before I get into a very intense rant session. Here at Dollar Tree, our items are worth a dollar, which means your business is as well. No customer will get superior treatment just because they have more in their wallet and no customer will be treated and less because they have little in their wallet. But if you're going to be rude and make everyone's live a living hell then you're just going to be seen as a dollar that's not worth fighting for. Thank you for shopping at Dollar Tree and have a nice day.

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