We all have that one friend that you have to beg to get out the door at night. Their snapchat stories are vivid with pictures from the day’s festivities but are severely lacking content past 8 pm. They always look great during the day because waking up early is no problem, but getting ready past dark? Sorry friends, I just can’t do it.

1. Parties don’t start until 10 pm.

When the sun goes down, I go down. To my bed. To sleep. I will be avoiding social situations at all costs. How are people even capable of forming sentences this late at night?

2. And if you do manage to go out, you’re ready to go home by midnight when your friends are just getting started.

We’ve all been there - forcing yourself to go to the Study on a weekday night even though your bed is right there calling to you. Whether it’s because you want to hang out with friends, talk to that boy or FOMO, the blaring music and sweaty people will make you feel all the regrets.

3. Doing homework at night is not physically possible.

Why does it take 100 times longer to finish homework at night than it does to do it in the morning? Unfortunately, I usually schedule work, classes and volunteering in the morning so that doesn’t leave me with much time during the day. It’s a problem.

4. Unless you can afford to buy coffee every night of the week – which you can’t.

If I don’t have any other choice but to study at night, coffee is going to be a necessity – and an expensive one. I keep telling myself that I’ll start making myself, but this has yet to happen. Procrastination, man. Don’t do it.

5. Everyone else is sleeping in the morning.

We know that texting a friend to hang out in the morning is not going to be successful. Usually you won’t get a response until around 11 am, by which time I’ve already given up on plans. And if you’re sleeping over a friend’s place, expect to wake up hours before them and be staring at the ceiling. (Hint: Bring a phone charger.)