5 Steps Toward Creating Your Sanctuary Bedroom
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5 Steps Toward Creating Your Sanctuary Bedroom

Securing your safe haven through privacy and personal style.

5 Steps Toward Creating Your Sanctuary Bedroom

Depending on whether or not you live alone, you might sometimes struggle to find shelter away from the outside drama. Even just having the occasional guest might make you want to invest in a secret underground bunker. However, when the kitchen and attic fail, you can almost always depend on your bedroom to provide brief yet much-appreciated solace.

Before your bedroom can become your true sanctuary, though, there are a few technical yet important guidelines to consider.

1. Set boundaries.

First and foremost, you need to decide who is allowed inside without the secret knock or password. If you live with your parents or even siblings still, then good luck forbidding them without actually locking the door. Similarly, if you live with your significant other, you probably share the bedroom. If so, let him or her know what you want out of your bedroom, including its availability as an occasional safe space. Once you have decided on the approved guests, think about the activities you want to allow. For example, if your bedroom doubles as the house's entertainment center, you might have trouble viewing it as your place to sneak away and rest as well.

2. Choose your colors.

The wall color depends on so much more than just your favorite shades. Think about what you want to wake up to every morning. If your favorite color is yellow, for instance, but you are not a morning person, you might start the day a little resentfully upon seeing the sun on every wall. However, if you’re an energetic person, you might as well go bright or go home. Heck, go neon! Just make sure the color is something you like enough before you start adding color-coordinating accessories. Since you will use it most often when you’re stressed or tired, something soothing or rejuvenating would be best for your sanctuary.

3. Decide the lighting.

Too little lighting can quickly transform your sanctuary into a dungeon, whereas too much might seem a little overwhelming during your darker days. If your room has windows, the right choice of curtains can offer just enough shelter from the sun when you need a little break. If you need more lamps, though, consider which shades will give your room the right kind and amount of light. When in doubt, choose something with a dimmer. To guarantee a truly unique atmosphere, try out colorful nightlights or twinkle lights to create a lightshow on your ceiling. Of course, a salt lamp also adds an exotic, invigorating touch and can purify the most infamous sanctuary.

4. Decorate accordingly.

Once you have the basic details decided and set up, unleash your inner designer! Start with the big stuff, the furniture, to give your sanctuary its structure. If you are a literature elite, make sure to include at least one book shelf as traditional or quirky as yourself. Similarly, if you need constant activity, whether it be for entertainment or distraction, you might want to dedicate some space to your movies and music. Your room should be a reflection of your personality and tastes, after all. Also, if you simultaneously use your bedroom as your office, make room for a desk opposite of your bed. Even though your sanctuary might fill multiple roles, make sure you can divide it so one part doesn’t overlap with another.

5. Add the final touches.

Once you can truly start picturing your room as your sanctuary, add all the little things that will make it feel like your favorite part of home. Clutter the walls with artwork, inspirational quotes or Bible verses and stack the shelves with knickknacks that only you can appreciate. Hang ribbons, lanterns, wind chimes and anything else you could want to fill the corners. Place photos of loved ones or sacred memories around you for that added sense of comfort. Surround yourself with all the little things that make you happy. As for the possible business side of your sanctuary, include a calendar or weekly planner to keep organized even when you need an escape. Then for relaxation purposes, maybe devote one side of your nightstand to aromatherapy with incense sticks and an oil diffuser. The beauty of this kind of decorating lies in the fact that if you can imagine it, you can probably buy or make it.

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