5 Signs You Are Ready For Autumn
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5 Signs You Are Ready For Autumn

...even if summer isn’t.

5 Signs You Are Ready For Autumn

For some of us, autumn cannot come quickly enough. We had our summer fun and now look forward to spending the rest of the year with cooler weather and fall festivities. Of course, others might argue that summer shouldn’t be accelerated before the autumnal equinox or even October. Nevertheless, many of us are guilty of starting the celebrations and slipping into hibernation a little early.

If you recognize yourself in any of the following basic signs, you might need a fix of the fall season. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be far behind.

1. You overanalyze the weather.

According to a desperate few, the slightest breeze or first sign of falling leaves immediately signifies the start of autumn and, therefore, end of summer. So what if it’s only the beginning of September? While the summer sun might be blinding, the idyllic autumn aesthetics combine simplicity with serenity. No matter how enjoyable summer might have been, there is just something irresistible about the crisp autumn air and crunch of leaves underneath your boots.

2. You bundle up despite the heat index.

Who cares if your sweater weather is the same time as shaving season? As soon as summer turns a little bearable, even if just because of a passing cold front, it’s time to replace your sundresses and shorts with hoodies and leggings. It might seem impossible to keep cool in the sweltering summer temperatures, but embrace the coziness with comfortable layers and fuzzy socks. Even if the leaves aren’t yet changing colors, at least you can complement the charming autumn backdrop with leather and argyle or plaid patterns.

3. You surround yourself with the fall scents.

Can’t you nearly taste the almond and apple crumble? You might have to wait a couple more months to actually sample a typical Thanksgiving pumpkin pie or cinnamon spice latte, but fall is almost in the air with certain scents. The right candle or lotion can transform even the most stubborn summer worshipper into an autumn admirer. While some might prefer to be transported onto a deserted island or cruise with a quick sniff, this season’s fragrances offer indulgence and harvest.

4. You worship the stores’ seasonal sections.

While bittersweet at first, the average fall girl or guy will probably run past all the pool deals and accessories and straight toward the autumn decorations. Just overlook aisles of Christmas trees and ornaments. All of a sudden department stores fade into more muted shades of orange and brown, scarecrows and wreaths as far as the eye can see. This time of year also welcomes the beginning of crafting season when especially creative types try to fill their homes with the same fall foliage found outside. All hail the power of a seasonal centerpiece.

5. You already anticipate the fall and winter holidays.

While sweating through the summer months, you might have passed the time thinking about cooler weather and all its prospects. Truly dedicated autumn enthusiasts have probably already considered fall preparations as well. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas occurring one after the other, this time of the year offers the best fellowship and festivities. Have your Halloween costume or Thanksgiving menu already decided? Maybe you’ve even started Christmas shopping. While some people might be hesitant to rush through the fun of summer, there aren’t many more productive ways to conquer the summer heat and season.

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