Every college student who owns a laptop or any student who has eyes has noticed someone else's laptop that is full of stickers and wondered where in the world they got them. The answer is (if the sticker isn't from a travel destination) most likely Redbubble.

I recently discovered RedBubble, and not only did I go overboard, but I also started filling my shopping cart again before the first order was even delivered. For those of you who have never come into contact with RedBubble, let me explain. Redbubble is a site where artists can submit their designs. Basically, you search and pick a design or popular meme that you like and can order it as a sticker (this is what I can afford as a broke college student) or anything else depending on how that particular artist will offer it.

If this hasn't already been reason enough for you to check out RedBubble here are five more reasons why you should:

1. You can search for (almost) anything

Whether it was my favorite sports team, food, a show I am currently watching, or anything else, everything I searched came up with something I was looking for. The more you search for, the more items that relate to that will pop up and before you know it you won't remember what you originally searched for.

2. College students can afford to shop

As a college student you are up to your eyeballs trying to pay for tuition, housing, student loans, and more, so online shopping is never a good idea. At Redbubble they sell some items that are as little as $2 plus shipping and handling. Even some items larger than the $2 stickers are under $15 and $10. Also, when you join their email club you can get discounts through your email or just for joining.

3. They sell more than just stickers

Between various home decor items, phone cases for every phone, multiple different types of t-shirts (for men, women, and kids!), bags, and more, Redbubble will print the design you chose on any of those. The only sad part is that it is up to an artist whether or not you can get that picture of a dog with hearts around it that they created on a certain item.

4. Your order of stickers is half off when you buy 6 or more

Honestly, with the price of most of the stickers being less than 4 dollars and the website having literally any design that you could want for a sticker, it is a relief to know that they are rooting for us. It is so easy to add design after design after design to your shopping cart before you even realize you don't have that much money in your bank account or room on your laptop for that many stickers. This "6 stickers or more are half off" deal is not a one time sale. So, this enables you to get your favorite stickers now, and save the ones you will have to buy another laptop to put them on for later.

5. RedBubble makes it easy to sell

I'm am no artist, but even as a customer I've noticed how easily it is for aspiring artists to start selling work with Redbubble. Once you click on the "Help" button icons pop up looking to aid in what you're looking for. Multiple icons are for uploading artwork, selling, making money, and more. So, if you're an artist and you want people sporting your work, check it out.

Whether you have been to Redbubble's website already or this is the first time someone has blown your mind with such cool information, go to Redbubble and add to your collections.