5 Reasons Why Charlottesville, Virginia is a Great Place to Live
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5 Reasons Why Charlottesville, Virginia is a Great Place to Live

Virginia is for Lovers

5 Reasons Why Charlottesville, Virginia is a Great Place to Live

Charlottesville, Virginia. Home of the UVA Cavaliers, beautiful outdoor scenery, and amazing local restaurants. I have lived here for 11 years and before I left for college I couldn’t wait to leave and never come back. Now that I’ve left, I realized that Charlottesville is truly one of a kind and I am beyond lucky to have lived here.

1. It’s home of the UVA Cavaliers

I don’t even go to this school, and I never had any interest in going, but I will say that this school is one of a kind. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, and school spirit is incredible. This school makes the city of Charlottesville not only a wonderful place to have a family, but also a main attraction to young adults.

Scott Stadium

The Lawn

2. There’s a ton of outdoor things to do

Hiking up Humpback Rock (it’s really hard but the view is worth it), picking apples at Carter Mountain Orchard, tubing down the James River, these are just a couple things that you can do while exploring the beauty of Charlottesville.

Humpback Rock

Carter Mountain Orchard

3. So. Much. Wine.

If you like wine then come visit Charlottesville. There is an absurd amount of vineyards (not that anyone is complaining). Such vineyards include Pippin Hill Vineyards, King Family Vineyards, Jefferson Vineyards, and too many more than I could count on one hand. Not only do these vineyards have plenty of alcohol and other forms of entertainment (like Polo at King Family Vineyards), but they’re also so gorgeous they look like they came right out of a Southern Living magazine.

Pippin Hill Vineyards

King Family Vineyards

4. Great Local Food

There are so many local places to eat in Charlottesville; you’ll never have to eat at a chain restaurant when you’re here. Want bagels? Go to Bodos Bagels and have bagels better than New York City bagels. Craving some burgers? Martins Grille and Riverside are the place to be, and they’re so affordable even a broke college kid could pay for it. Salad and sandwiches? Revolutionary Soup and the Bellair Market have you covered. Italian? Vivace and Bella’s are amazing and great places for a date night. I could go on forever because literally half the town is filled with local eateries, but you get the gist. Just visit the Downtown Mall and about 75% of the food down there is local, and all of it is delicious.

The Downtown Mall

5. Concert Venus

What’s so great about Charlottesville is that there’s so much entertainment, and it doesn’t end when it comes to music. From May to August there is live music every Friday at the Pavilion on the Downtown Mall, and when it is a nice summer night you know you’ll see half of the town there. Big name artists, like Taylor Swift, Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Luke Bryan, and many more come to John Paul Jones Arena and takes Charlottesville by storm. The Jefferson is one of my personal favorites just because I spent a good amount of high school nights there dancing at a Kap Slap concert, ah, memories.

Fridays After Five

John Paul Jones Arena

The Jefferson

If you haven’t visited Charlottesville, I highly suggest you do. It’s been voted Happiest City in America, and it wasn’t voted that for nothing.

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