Often times when people are not constantly around one another, such as not living together, going to school together, or working together, they lose touch because it is simply not as convenient to keep in contact.

It makes sense. People are busy. We all have our own jobs, our own schoolwork, our own lives. It is not as if people intentionally try to "burn bridges," but they fail to maintain them. Without any maintenance, bridges slowly deteriorate, and these wonderful relationships we once had, are lost.

Close relationships are important. They are a part of who we are. So how can we stop drifting apart from the people we care most about?

Well, although people call it "old fashioned," letter writing is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away, or who we don't see so much.

Here are five reasons why people should continue the timeless art of letter writing:

1. Writing a letter is personal.

When you write someone a letter, you show them that you care for them. You were thinking about them, and you devoted time out of your day specifically for them.

2. Writing a letter is meaningful.

You value the person to the extent that you are willing to put in the effort and write to them. There is something especially heartfelt about writing and reading something written in your own handwriting, or the handwriting of someone dear to you.

3. Writing a letter allows for creativity.

Think about it, there are entire stores devoted to stationary. That means there are some extremely cool and beautiful types of paper, envelopes, postcards, pens, stamps, stickers, and more. There are so many lovely combinations to try out!

4. Writing a letter is stimulating.

There's something amazingly therapeutic about being able to translate your own thoughts on paper. Also, sending a letter, waiting, and then reading another in response tests your memory to see if you can continue the conversation.

5. Writing a letter is, in all honestly, just super cute.

Letter writing is the ultimate way to show someone you love them and you value you them in your life. Awww!

Finally, as a bonus reason, letters are a way of remembering. You can keep all of the letters you receive somewhere, maybe in a shoebox like I do, and after a while, the letters become something like a diary. They hold stories, memories, moments, laughs, and tears.

You can keep them forever. You can look back on them. They're a little piece of your life, documented in ink, and kept for when you just want to look back.