This is a list of 5 reasons every college woman should be shopping at Aerie, instead of the most popular lingerie brand, Victoria Secret.

Victoria Secret is the most popular lingerie brand, but buying from them may not be the best idea because they are not supportive of all women. These are the reasons you should be shopping at Aerie instead.

1. Aerie does not retouch their social media or website photos.

In 2014, Aerie made the decision that were going to stop retouching their photos in order to promote a positive body image to girls and women. Victoria's Secret like most other fashion brands, participates in airbrushing and photoshopping their models. Editing models bodies and faces is something that has long been fought against by many in the industry. Aerie decided that they were going to be a trailblazer and discontinue the use of photoshopping their photos.

2. Aerie photographs models of all body types.

Not only does Aerie refuse to use photoshop on their photos, the models they hire represent all different body types. They feature photos of different models in the same articles of clothing in order for you, the customer, to see how it would possibly look on your own body. This assists with online shopping because not every body is 5 foot 9 and a size 0.

3. Aerie is in partnership with the National Eating Disorders Association.

Aerie is in partnership with NEDA and helps raise money for the non-profit organization that supports those suffering from eating disorders. Aerie partnering with NEDA is easy to understand considering their continuous promotion of body positivity since 2014. If you buy from Aerie, you are helping save lives of the up to 30 million men and women suffering from eating disorders.

4. Aerie believes all women should wear their clothing.

Victoria's Secret was recently under fire for a comment made by their chief marketing officer that said that trans women and plus-women should not walk in their fashion show because they are not considered the "fantasy." Aerie photographs not only women off all shapes and size, but women with disabilities and other illnesses. They believe that every woman deserves to be represented and empowered by their brand.

5. Aerie's clothing is comfortable and high-quality.

Since Aerie promotes body positivity in their clothing, all of their items are made to fit comfortably on women's bodies. Victoria's Secret supports only a small selection of body types, therefore, their clothing fits more uncomfortably on most bodies. Many complain that their bras do not hold up for very long.

Next time you are standing in the mall and those pink lights are calling your name, think about what type of company you are supporting. Victoria's Secret is only one lingerie store amongst many that exist meaning there are so many more options. Aerie is an important competitor that is continuing to expand and grow their business.