5 reasons to have a roommate in college

5 reasons to have a roommate in college

It can get lonely having a single in college. Having a roommate makes it more fun and affordable.

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Going to college can be scary, exciting, and overwhelming. One of the biggest things college students first think about is having a roommate. Having a roommate might sound scary, hard, and way different from not sharing a room your whole life. Some people may just pay the extra money to have a single. While having a single teaches you to be independent, there are many reasons as to why college students should experience having a roommate more than once before they graduate.

1. It makes living more affordable

Living in a college dorm can be really expensive. If you have a single you or your parents have to pay that whole cost by yourself without getting the life skills and experiences you would have with a roommate. Splitting the cost of not only the room but necessities in the room makes affording college a lot easier.

2. You learn life skills and lessons

Having a roommate means it isn't all about yourself anymore. You have to be independent, safe, responsible, caring, and considerate of the person and environment. You are sharing a tiny space with a random stranger and must treat them and their things with respect. This teaches short term and long term skills that can be used throughout life.

3. You have an automatic best friend

Coming to college and making new friends can be really scary. You and your roommate have each other and as long as you are respectful to one another, you have an automatic best friend to get you through the craziness of college and dorm life.

4. You have someone to go to with all of your problems

If you ever need someone to vent too or you just want to watch netflix with no pants on, you and your roommate can always count on each other. If you are sick, or need motivation to do homework or go to the gym, your roommate will be able to help you out. Having a roommate means always having someones back just like they have yours.

5. You have someone in the same position as you are in

You and your roommate are both going through the same thing. You are both new to college and living on your own with a total stranger. Having someone to go through college with you makes it a whole lot easier than doing it alone.

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