For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to become a teacher. I used to play school with my little sister where I would try to teacher her long division at the age of 5. Unfortunately, society does not always have the nicest things to say about educators. Teachers always seem to get blamed for things out of their control. Regardless of these downfalls, becoming a teacher is, in my eyes, the most honorable profession.

1. Without Teachers There Would be No Doctors or Lawyers

Sometimes people forget that behind every doctor, lawyer, engineer, and businessman, there are countless teachers. Teachers who taught them their multiplication tables, the scientific method, and how to write. Teachers are enriching the minds of our country's future leaders. In order for us to have a strong future as a country, we have to have teachers who are able to educate our youth. If you never had a teacher who taught you how to write and avoid grammar errors, you would sound extremely uneducated when writing formal proposals, and as a result, would most likely not be as successful.

2. Teachers are Selfless

What most people do not realize is that a teacher’s job is not from the time students arrive until the time students leave. Teachers put in countless hours perfecting their lesson plans, grading test and papers, and tutoring children who are falling behind. Teachers put their profession before their own lives all the time and do so without getting recognized. It is expected of them, and without this level of commitment, children would start falling behind.

3. Teachers Teach More than Academics

Not only are teachers responsible for making sure their students are fluent in their specific subject matter, they are responsible for teaching their students lessons like honesty, integrity, politeness, and responsibility. A good teacher can teach the subject well, but a great teacher will better his/her students as people.

4. Teachers Provide for their Students 24/7

Not only do teachers come early and stay late to answer questions and help students who are falling behind, but a lot of teachers also invest their own money to make sure their students have the school supplies necessary to succeed. They will buy pencils and paper to give to the students who do not have enough money to or will buy prizes to use as incentives to make learning fun for their students.

5. Educators are Advocates

Teachers stand up for their students to the administration. They advocate so that each student is able to receive a quality education where they are able to succeed. This is the number 1 reason why being a teacher is the most honorable profession. Teachers will always be there to stand up for their students even when no one else is willing to.