So, it's that time of year again. This week, I encountered my first instance of someone being offended when I said "Happy Holidays" to them instead of "Merry Christmas." I cannot fathom why this happens so frequently, as Christmas is in fact a holiday, and the phrase itself is simply a more inclusive statement designed to acknowledge that many people celebrate non-Christmas holidays around this time of year. I have never understood why that is so offensive, so, because of that, I have compiled a list of possible reasons to be offended when someone says "Happy Holidays."

1) You are Ebenezer Scrooge pre-transformation, and even the thought of happiness or joy is abhorrent to you. (It shouldn't be.)

2) The idea of respecting others' religious beliefs is utterly unacceptable. (It shouldn't be.)

3) You genuinely believe that no other holiday besides Christmas could possibly be worthy of celebrating. (You shouldn't.)

4) You think that your religious traditions are superior to everyone else's. (They aren't.)

5) You mistakenly believe "Happy Holidays" is a deeply offensive slur. (It isn't.)

These are the only reasons I can think of that the phrase "Happy Holidays" would be offensive to anyone. So, if any of these apply to you, maybe try to work on that this holiday season. No one is asking you not to celebrate Christmas, but just try to dial back the rage next time someone says "Happy Holidays."

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