The millennials have gotten a bad reputation lately, and rightly so. They do nothing but whine and complain about things until they get their way. They think they're entitled, and their progressive ideas are ruining our country. Here are just a few ways millennials are the worst.

1. They Achieved Marriage Equality

Thanks to millennials, we have more weddings to go to, which equates to more cake, which means we'll be overweight. You heard it here first, millennials and their LGBT marriages are causing obesity.

2. They Are On The Way To Being The Most Educated Generation

According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are on track to being the most educated generation ever. 21% of male millennials and 27% of female millennials in 2014 ages 18-33 were completing a bachelor's degree. That's compared to 18% of male Gen X-ers and 20% of female gen x-ers, and the numbers decreased, even more, the further back we go. Education? Who needs that?

3. They Promote Increased Activism About Climate Change

Without millennials, chances are you wouldn't know what a carbon footprint is, or how much you impact as an individual. How dare these entitled individuals ensure that our only home isn't destroyed!

4. They Think That Everyone, No Matter Who They Are Or Where They Come From, Is Equal

Diversity? Equality? These ideas are way too progressive. Fighting against oppressive and marginalizing laws and proposals is what's RUINING our country. Ensuring that all races are represented equally and that no one is discriminated upon because of their race, just wrong.

5. They Are Passionate About What They Believe In

Millennials think that if they protest things, they'll make a change. They think that having a firm stance and making it known will do anything to create a difference. How entitled and misguided can they be?

In all seriousness, the millennial generation gets a lot of crap, mostly by the people who raised them. Millennials are diverse, liberals and conservatives, atheists and Christians, people of all colors. They have passion, and frankly get shit done despite the fact that they have the odds stacked against them. Why don't we stop and look at all the things we wouldn't have without millennials?