5 Reasons The Wofford Housekeepers Are The GOATs
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5 Reasons The Wofford Housekeepers Are The GOATs

A tribute to housekeepers across the nation that keep campuses squeaky clean.

5 Reasons The Wofford Housekeepers Are The GOATs
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Thank you, Housekeepers!

The following is a dedication to housekeepers all across the nation. I, on behalf of college kids everywhere, want to thank you all. Daily you guys spoil us with your love while we ignore what you do, selfishly expecting to do your job. You never slack off on the job and you never leave signs in the bathroom reminding us to flush or anything--you just go with the flow and love us the same regardless of the mess. There’s always that time during Homecoming week that we make a little extra mess and you never give us any annoyed look.

Here are 5 reasons why housekeepers are the "GOATs" of college:

1. They are like your moms and dads away from home.

No matter how big of a mess we’ve made over the weekend, on Monday mornings they always greet us with a delightful “Good morning. How are you?” and when it’s time for us to depart for classes they say “Have a good day! I will see you later”. Housekeepers have a way of making you feel loved and at home in addition to the professor and college community.

2. They spoil us.

There was a time in middle or high school- or never for the brats out there- when our parents told us that we needed to start cleaning our own bathrooms. I always dreaded Saturday mornings waking up to the smell or bleach and pine sol, knowing that it was cleaning day. Nevertheless, we had to become sanitary young adults, being more cautious about the cleanliness of our personal space. However, college is a different story. There’s no cleaning the bathrooms on Saturday morning and some of us are just living the life – even if that does mean leaving your hair in the shower after being told countless times that it a burden on your dormmates. These extraordinary housekeepers have cleaned up enough hairballs to choke 1 million and one cats but they still show up to work with a smile on their face.

3. You could let us run out of tissue, but you don’t… thank you, Lord!

Girls, particularly, can go through rolls of tissue, especially on a college campus where you don’t have your mom complaining about how much money she doesn’t have every day, however, housekeepers never failed to keep us stocked up. You guys anticipate busy weekends and leave an extra roll or two on the weekend- there’s even homecoming weekend when you show up on your day off to restock.

4. You see past the shadows.

Housekeepers, congested with frustration, could easily clean for appearance and not for sanitation. There would be dust in every unnoticed corner and dust on top of the washers in the laundry room but nope… housekeepers worked diligently, without overtime or bonuses.

5. We recycle...for everyone.

What would the world do with all the trash that comes from college campuses if it weren’t for the housekeepers that decided to actually recycle this trash?! I know what you all are thinking: “I’m the one that made the conscious decision to place my trash in the recycling bin.” BOO YOU! The housekeeper could easily pile all the trash together, sending it to one landfill, however they change these bins separately, placing them in the appropriate places. Shame on y’all for giving yourselves credit.

Let’s go ahead and admit it, housekeepers are the fairy godmothers of college dorm rooms.

Once again, thank you to all the housekeepers out there that enjoy coming to work every day. You are the reason we don’t get sick during flu season and, because of that, we are indebted to you all. I may never tell you guys, but y’all are appreciated. Kudos to you!

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