5 Reasons to Use a Planner
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Student Life

5 Reasons to Use a Planner

It's More than Remembering Lunch Dates

5 Reasons to Use a Planner
Jean TwoHawks

Reasons To Use A Planner

I’ve been not-so-secretly obsessing over my Erin Condren planner for the last two years. I’ve pretty much bought stock in stickers and washi tape. I’ve spent hours practicing handwriting. I’ve watched WAY too many youtube videos and honestly I just can’t get enough. Here’s why…

1,) It Keeps You Organized!

This is by far the most obvious benefit to being a planner. Writing things down makes them much more difficult to forget. However as you begin to get into the habit of organizing and micromanaging what needs to be accomplished you may find that the rest of your life is suddenly becoming more organized as well!

2.) It Can Help Motivate You

Planning is a great way to find motivation! Why? By breaking down what you want to accomplish into easier and more manageable steps you are able to work towards otherwise daunting goals. Seeing what small step you need to take that day in order to work towards the big picture can really push you to make sure that you get it done. It also helps you keep track of what does and doesn’t work for you when you are working towards a goal. This way you can find better ways to motivate yourself!

3.) It Can Help You to Budget and Build Credit

Everyone is concerned about budgeting and building credit regardless of their income level! Using a planner is a fantastic tool for budgeting and building your credit. You can keep track of all of your bills in one place! You’ll be able to see what’s due when and calculate how much you need to save from each pay in order to pay it on time. Late payments will become a thing of the past and your debts will be paid more quickly when you are aware of your financial status. You can also take this a step further and plan in small ways to save yourself money! Like packing a lunch two days a week instead of buying or saving money by paying debts before interest build or by preventing yourself from overdrafting your accounts!

4.) You Can Use it to Scrapbook Everyday Life

It’s pretty easy to remember the big days? Trips, engagements, promotions! Yet that doesn’t make the little day to day memories any less important! You can use your planner to scrapbook! Tape in your movie tickets, jot down your coffee dates, even write a little note to yourself to remind you why a day was good or bad! Not only does it add a personal touch to your planner but it also allows you to memorialize the little things in life!

5.) It’s a Great Way to De-Stress

As if everything else planning has to offer wasn’t enough it also happens to be a wonderful way to destress! It only makes sense that being more organized leads to less day to day stress but planning will help you relax in so many other ways! It reminds you to take time for self care. The few minutes you spend working on your planner each week can help put you in touch with your creative side. Planning can become whatever you make of it! There’s no wrong way to organize your life.

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