College: the best years of your life. At least, that's what we all heard growing up. For me, it's been a mix of a little bit of everything... happy, sad, exciting, terrifying, the list goes on and on. Would I trade any of it? No, because I've learned way too much from those bad times - and the good times were some of the best memories I'll ever have. A month into my senior year ( What?! ), though, I can say there at least five things (that I can think about) pertaining to the "real world" that just terrify me - or maybe it's just growing up.. Who knows?

1. Insurance.

"What? IT'S HOW MUCH A MONTH?" Yes. It's expensive, it's hard to find if you have a pre-existing condition, and as soon as you don't have it... you'll get sick.

2. Student Loans.

Remember those refund checks you blew through at the bars on the weekends and all of those college t-shirts? Yeah, you probably have to pay back most of it - plus interest.

3. Internships

... or as I like to call them "jobs that don't pay". Some majors require them for graduation, so get ready to be late on rent, living on ramen, and begging the parents for some spare change for about six months.

4. Taxes

"Wait - I pay taxes! It's like seven cent per dollar right?" Yeah, no. Not those taxes. The ones that will take about a third of your paycheck every two weeks.

5. Job/Career Decisions

"What if you don't know your dream career yet?" "What am I gonna do with this degree?" Yeah, it's time to figure that out, and unfortunately enough - it's not easy.

The future is scary, and really - who knows where we'll end up. But, hey, at least we'll have that piece of paper.