5 Places to Go on Vacay with Your Besties
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5 Places to Go on Vacay with Your Besties

These are great places for girl’s trips or college bestie meetups, all while on a budget

5 Places to Go on Vacay with Your Besties
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Picture this: Your long-distance besties are in need of a vacation. You jump on a FaceTime call and check out Airbnb. These are some great places to go on a girl’s trip or meet up with your college besties, all while on a budget.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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One of my besties lives in NOLA and oh my goodness, it was a blast. Whether you’ve never been there or been there a dozen times, there is always something to do and it is so much fun. There is plenty of historic sites (bonus points if that area is haunted by supposed ghosts) and Bourbon Street is sure to help you have a good time. Pro tip: October-March is past the tourist season and not as hot as the peak summer months.

1.       A Weekend at the Lake

photo of calm body of water surrounded by treesPhoto by Jack B on Unsplash

I don’t have a specific “go-to” area, but go to any place with a waterfront view! Renting a boat by the hour is affordable if you split the cost between your friends. These kinds of weekends got me through my broke summers in college. My best friends would all get together after finishing our summer jobs and take an hour’s drive to the lake near my hometown and not leave until Sunday night. It was one of those points in my life that I will never forget.

Tampa, Florida

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Now Tampa in particular is pretty affordable compared to other Florida cities. Tampa is only an hour away from Orlando so if you are a Disney fan, this a great option if you don’t want to fight the Disney family crowds. Tampa has a lot of different excursions including zip-lining, an Adventure course, and so many more options for fun activities.

Chicago, Illinois

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I am lucky in that I have a lot of college friends that live in Chicago so I always have a place to stay. My best friends from high school are all from the St. Louis area, so between having a free place to stay, and a quick train ride that ranges $40-60 round trip? It’s a no-brainer to go up for the weekend. You got a lakefront view, plenty of attractions and great food options.

1.       An All-Inclusive beach trip!!

two women sun bathing and another man swimming on blue body of water during daytimePhoto by Obi - @pixel7propix on Unsplash

My high school besties are planning an all-inclusive trip to Mexico next year. It’s our way of celebrating our 10-year friendiversary and us all having full-time jobs. While I haven’t experienced this kind of trip, I imagine having less stress knowing that everything is paid for and you can just enjoy being with your friends.

Life is too short. Take your PTO. Go on that spring break trip. And go take that vacation.

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