10 Things That Happen When You Travel With Your Best Friends

Traveling with friends is always an exciting adventure. If your friends are anything like mine, you will agree that everyone always talks about going on a vacation together and thinking about how crazy and fun it would be. From planning on where to go, what friends would come, and the stressing of how much it would cost, it still becomes something that you cannot wait to do one day. So, when that day finally arrives, you don't feel anything except pure excitement because you know that you are about to have so much fun and make memories with your best friends that you will never forget. However, these trips never turn out exactly how you and your friends imagined. Here's 10 things that happen when you travel with your best friends:

10. A Friend Gets Ditched

Every friend group has experienced accidentally ditching a friend. Whether you have been the one to be ditched or you ditched the friend, you have experienced what this is like. When going on a trip, friends normally end up dispersing with other friends in the group in a bunch of different directions, especially if you are on vacation and everything is exciting. Except once everyone meets back up, you realize that someone is missing. Of course, this is funny for a minute, but then you get worried about where they are and begin to panic until you find them aimlessly roaming around like a lost puppy and they give you "that look." Oops!

9. Sharing A Bed

Although you may have experienced this with your best friends at home during a sleepover, on vacation it's a completely different story. When on vacation it is a guarantee that you have to share a bed with a friend, because let's face it; there's no point to everyone having their own bed, especially if you're traveling on a budget. This turns out to be a struggle because you have to share the bed for the entire trip, which could be for a few days to a few weeks. Sad.

8. Sharing A Bathroom

Along with sharing a bed, comes sharing a bathroom. To some people, this is the biggest struggle of all because you realize how long it takes you to get ready; let alone having to wait for your friends to get ready as well. You then begin to realize that your friends take even longer to get ready than you do! This soon becomes really annoying and you will do whatever it takes to get your turn in the bathroom to get ready.

7. Sharing Clothes

If you couldn't already tell, there will be a lot of sharing on this trip. Not only will you share a bed and a bathroom, but, believe it or not, you will also share clothes! Don't try to deny it, everyone relies on their best friends to bring nicer and cooler clothes than their own so that they can borrow it while on the trip. After all, it's the cheapest and fastest way of getting a new outfit while away!

6. Fam Dinners

After a long day of being out and about, it is nice to be able to have a sit-down dinner with your friends. This could include either going out to a restaurant or making dinner yourselves. These dinners tend to be one of the best parts of the trip because it's nice to be able to reflect on what you all did during the day and it gives you time to relax.

5. Getting Lost

Although you may ditch a friend accidentally, traveling with your best friends could also get you lost! Whether it is getting lost in your new destination because you all wanted to be fun and adventurous and explore or you are on a road trip and got the directions messed up, getting lost is bound to happen at some point. Although you will spend after several stressful minutes trying to figure out where you all are and arguing about it, remember that you are all together and to stay calm because it will work out! (Hopefully).

4. Meet New People

Even though you are on a trip with your best friends, you will all meet new people! Whether you meet some of the locals or other people traveling just like you, you guys will have the opportunity to make new friends and share experiences with completely new and different people! Sometimes meeting new people eventually leads to one of your friends meeting a love interest while on the trip! Anything could happen!

3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

If you're traveling with your best friends, there will definitely be many pictures taken! And when I say "many," I mean in the thousands. Taking pictures with friends while on the trip will help capture the sights you all saw or the things you did and they will serve as a reminder of the amazing trip that you all got to share together. Not to mention, they make great throwbacks and things to send in group messages! And remember, do not forget the selfie stick!

2. Drama and Arguments

Although we love our best friends, we learn to hate them as well while on a trip together. Traveling with friends is a much different experience in which you are together 24/7, something you all are not used to. Thus, you tend to get on each others nerves and begin to argue. These arguments then create drama, which ultimately creates tension. As hard as you will try to avoid this from happening, it will happen anyway. Just try to remember to stay cool, calm and collected and know that the tension is only because you are experiencing much more time with one another than what you're use to. Losing a friend is not worth it so do not hold grudges and remember why you are all there, to have fun together!

1. Grow Closer

Throughout all of the ups and downs of the trip, you will ultimately learn a lot more about one another, bringing you all closer together. By being with one another 24/7, you will see how your friends operate on a daily basis on a more personal level. Even though you will get into arguments and get annoyed with one another, you will all realize that the reason why you get over it is because you are all best friends who love one another, that will never change.

All in all, going on a trip with your best friends is an amazing experience that everyone should try at some point in their lives. It will provide an opportunity for your friend group to bond on a completely new level as well as experience going on an adventure together! I don't know about you, but I know that I cannot wait to travel with my best friends and create amazing memories together.

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