Finals are coming.

I know, I'm sorry to bring it up. Studying is now at the top of our to-do lists, and there's no such thing as having fun for the remainder of the semester. We all have our favorite places on campus to get work done, but sometimes that can get monotonous and be less conducive to learning. Starbucks, especially the one on campus, can get really old really fast, so here's a list of the best places in Tampa to cram all the crap into your brain that you're going to forget the day after the exam.

1. Buddy Brew Coffee in Hyde Park Village...or Hyde Park Cafe (HPC)

Hyde Park Village has some tables in the center of the action, complete with a beautiful fountain! Or am I thinking of HPC? They have some tables...and stools...and music...and a ton of people go's basically a big "study" group.

2. Pass-A-Grille Beach...or Station Grill

Get some work done on the beach if you can. The calming sounds of the Gulf at St. Pete Beach do wonders for the brain. If that's too far, there's a place right on Cass Street that actually has the word grill in the name...coincidence? I think not. Maybe just go there instead. They also have lovely stools to sit on and really engage in thoughtful conversation with others that will most definitely help you on your exams.

3. Channelside...or Ferg's

I'm a big fan of outdoor studying, and Channelside has tables where you can sit and maybe have a drink and get some work done. If that's not your style, Ferg's is right there and it's always packed! There's nowhere to sit, so you might just have to stand (or dance). Another great place to get a study group together.

4. Drynk

I'm not even kidding you anymore.

5. Ybor City

For the freshmen that are reading this.

Happy studying!