Advice. We all need it. Usually more often than we'd like to admit. I am lucky to have wise individuals in my life, and I have learned a great deal from them, which is why I hope to pass on this wisdom and advice about life to readers like you.

1. No cop no stop.

The rules don't apply to you. You are special. Hey, it's not breaking the law if you don't get caught. So, does it really matter if you skip that one stop sign? That one traffic light? Nope. Therefore, No Cop No Stop.

2. Do everything at the last minute.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but consider this: the stress and panic of the last minute work will ensure that the work you do will be the best you've done. The fear of failure will nest in your subconscious, and will manifest itself in top notch effort and a product unlike those seen before.

3. Solve conflict with violence.

Sure, you can quote great pacifists, and the philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi and MLK, and there are other ways to solve conflict without violence, but those ways aren't always universally applicable. Violence solves everything. Get a bad grade? Attack your professor. Someone disagrees with you? Disagree your fist in their face. I realize that this may not "solve" conflict, and you may go to "prison" for "assault." But at least it feels good. Probably.

4. Drama is proportional to number of friends.

The amount of drama is proportional to the amount of friends and acquaintances you have. The more people in your life, the more potential for drama. This is a good thing because drama builds character! Also if you like soap operas, the perfect way to live one out is to have an increasing number of people in your life.

5. Don't question anything.

People are rational. Why would anyone talk about anything they don't know about? They wouldn't, because people like to talk about what they know. Which means that if someone says something, then they're pretty much guaranteed to be right. Questioning would only muddle things, so why question? Just trust in what you hear. Because no good can come from questioning what people say, trust me on this.