5 Notable Medical Interventions During COVID
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5 Notable Medical Interventions During COVID

Whenever COVID pops up, everyone has a sad story to tell. And frankly, there are just a lot of BAD - from the deaths at Wuhan, the terrible lockdown, to businesses folding up.

5 Notable Medical Interventions During COVID


Whenever COVID pops up, everyone has a sad story to tell. And frankly, there are just a lot of BAD - from the deaths at Wuhan, the terrible lockdown, to businesses folding up.

But do you know that some GOOD came out of COVID?

Surprisingly, unique innovations sprung up during COVID that wouldn't have surfaced without the pandemic.

So, yes, COVID changed our lives, but it is not all doom.

About the unique innovations: they are medical interventions that eased people from the fear of COVID. This article contains the best picks. Have a look!

The Docdot App

In the thick of COVID, people were in lockdown, and the fear of the pandemic was at its peak. Unfortunately, doctors must still detect and monitor the affected patients.

However, there is one issue: there weren't enough medical personnel. The few on the ground are just as scared as the COVID patients.

Then, enter the Docdot app!

Docdot app helps medical practitioners to detect COVID symptoms and monitor patients' vitals remotely. Now, doctors and nurses needn't risk their lives.

In the end, both the caregiver and cared-for get the desired results.

But if you wonder if Docdot is as effective as physical testing and diagnosis. Well, it is.

Docdot reads vitals through the blood vessels in the face. The app comes with a light signal processing technology - and it is powered by AI.

The best part: Docdot only requires 45 seconds to read vitals and print out a result with medical-grade accuracy.


While the Docdot app helps with diagnosis, COVID patients still need supplies. And with the stringent lockdown rules, getting those crucial aids was DIFFICULT.

Lockdown aside, over-the-counter suppliers would rather avoid COVID patients at the start of the pandemic. And you can't blame them - everyone was scared.

Thankfully, drones were deployed to help. And to appreciate this idea, you must understand that drones are not ideally designed for medical uses but for surveillance and security.

Well, inventors had other ideas.

Inventors partnered with drone companies and delivery companies. Then, the key actors came up with a solution: drones capable of delivering medical supplies.

The best part: the delivery drones can travel as fast as 80miles per hour.

Delivery services aside, another innovator (Draganfly) thought of another way to use drones. The tech firm employed drones (coupled with cameras) to detect COVID symptoms.

Furthermore, Draganfly used drones to enforce social distancing measures. The drones come with speakers. With those, people are reminded of the protocols.

Notable key actors: Draganfly, Novant Health, and Zipline

Improved Face Masks

Face masks are not new inventions. We have always had them even before Dr. Wu improvised the status quo with his cotton-gauze alternative.

But even with all the face masks around, there was still a global shortage during COVID. As a result, healthcare workers, COVID patients, and in short, everyone couldn't get enough.

Unfortunately, the inadequate supply of face masks cost doctors and nurses their lives.

So, there had to be an answer?

Luckily, there were many answers. The first one was the Guardian G-Volt mask.

Unlike previous face masks, this innovation traps and repels all forms of bacteria and viruses. And thanks to the mask's laser-induced Graphene medium, the microbes stand zero chance.

In fact, the Guardian G-Volt can block any pollutant or particle larger than 0.3 microns.

Another crucial intervention is dental masks. Ordinarily designed for dentists, this innovation uses washable textiles.

Also, the respirators on the dental masks are textile-based.

Similar intervention: 3D nasal swabs - emerged to help health practitioners navigate the shortage of testing supplies.

Enhanced Medical Aids

While several medical aids were repackaged with technological features during COVID, ResMed and Tytocare interventions stood out.

Let's start with ResMed!

During COVID, ResMed released its AirView software. With this aid, doctors can monitor their patients' vitals remotely.

In particular, ResMed added cellular chips into their ventilators and enabled data sharing.

On the other hand, TytoCare upgraded one of the tools best associated with doctors: the stethoscopes.

This brand devised special stethoscopes that listen to the heartbeat and capture images of the lungs.

And the best part: doctors can direct patients remotely on how to use the special stethoscopes. Without physical contact, all the parties kept the pandemic spread at bay.


The final straw of the notable medical interventions during COVID is robotics. They eliminated PHYSICAL contact between doctors and patients.

Robots acted as the bridge between patients and doctors. They disinfected patients, surfaces, and supplies. These AI-powered structures even assisted in the production of medical aids.

Furthermore, robots were used to enforce social distancing rules. They even keep the company of the patients in quarantine.

In short, robots directly replaced humans for social and physical needs. And they were fantastic at the job.

Now, you see what we meant earlier. COVID at its peak was undoubtedly a disaster. Even at that, the period birthed some AMAZING inventions and innovations.

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