Five Music Groups To Start Listening To Now

Five Music Groups To Start Listening To Now

Lesser-known bands that measure up in their sound.

Getting a little bit tired of hearing the same ten songs on the radio everyday? While we love the chart-toppers for a reason, it's always exciting to find out new bands to get into.

1. Alt-J

Formed back in 2007, the English indie rock band is known for music that is both soothing and energetic for the soul. The band's music ranges from soothing to being thoroughly engaging, making it hard to resist dancing to it. Among some of their popular songs are "Breezeblocks", "Taro", and "Bloodflood".

2. Torres

This female singer started singing professionally back in 2012 and has a hauntingly beautiful voice. If you were a fan of Sia's old work back in the early 2000s, then Torres will definitely be a new favorite of yours. Emotionally evocative and scathingly intense with her story like narrative singing this young vocalist is sure to capture your attention with one song. Notable tracks of hers are "New Skin", "Sprinter", and "Son, You Are No Island".

3. Sharon Van Etten

Another powerfully gifted singer to make the list, Van Etten, a Brooklyn-based singer who debuted in 2007, has started to get more recognition recently for her music. She's known for her heavy use of harmonies and sincere lyrics that draw you in to the story she tells. Songs of hers to give a listen to are "Serpents", "Afraid of Nothing", and "Taking Chances".

4. Studio Killers

Unlike most bands that revel in having their images known to all, Studio Killers is a "virtual band," that obscures their real identities from their fans. Instead, the band members have animated alter egos that appear in their videos and gorgeous animation. This accompanies their party pop music that is as addicting to listen to as it is to watch the videos. Notable songs include "Eros and Apollo", "Jenny", and "Ode to the Bouncer".

5. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

A notably fun-loving singer to listen to, Andrew McMahon is a singer and songwriter whose songs are expressive in their imagery and hopeful in their lyrics and sound. Popular tracks include "Cecelia and the Satellite", "Synesthesia", and "All Our Lives".

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