5 Jacksonville Dates That Won't Break the Bank

5 Jacksonville Dates That Won't Break the Bank

Five fun, local spots to get out and spend some time with your special someone.


Staying in and watching Netflix can only go so far before the need for social venues and fresh air beckons you outside. Going out on the town doesn't mean you're doomed to a week of ramen noodles and cold showers to save up the dough. Here are the top five date ideas that will surely get you and your date out the door without emptying your pockets!

5. Big Talbot Island

If you are your special someone dig the outdoors and love the beach you'll love spending a nice day together at the Talbot Island State Parks! Big Talbot offers an absolutely gorgeous area with scenic driftwoods and interesting landscapes. Most of the time the area is pretty bare of other people giving you plenty of space to lay out a nice picnic or walk along the shore hunting for cool shells and shark teeth while sharing your thoughts.

4. Jax Beaches

Jax Beaches is about so much more than just the beach. Of course, there is the Jax Pier and a very popular beach, but the area also gives you plenty of neat bars, cafes, lounges and restaurants to enjoy together. Many of the restaurants offer live music. During the day you can walk around or rent out bikes to explore the region, stop by The Shim Sham Room for nice cocktails and watch the sunset colors on the beach (how cliche). Keep an eye out for the special events too!

3. Downtown

Downtown may seem like a bit of a ghost town for large corporate buildings but there is actually a lot to love here! The art walk is the perfect time to see this area shine and will surely be a great date venue. Every first Wednesday downtown showcases live music, local artists, fun (and free) games and free admissions to MOCA! If you're bookworms like me you have to stop by Chamblin's Uptown, a two story used bookstore and cafe. It's the perfect place to wander around and talk about your favorite books, plus, they have great food!

2. San Marco

San Marco is a classy little area that's sure to be the perfect backdrop for the perfect date. Even if you don't have the cash for seeing a movie at the vintage San Marco Theatre or grabbing a bite to eat at the delicious Tavern there is still much to see and do! The center Balis Park has the gorgeous gazebo and the neighborhood behind the main strip is a full of jaw-dropping homes and another small park right on the lake, it even has a tree in it. Perfect picnic/ coffee venue!

1. Five Points & Riverside

Aside from being the "hip" spot in town, Five Points offers more than an interesting and unique atmosphere! Riverside is a great place to meander around and get to know some awesome local shops. Whether you and your special someone are looking for a delish meal, coffee, antiques, records, homemade dog treats, macarons, awesome bars or even tarot card readings, Riverside's got you covered! Of course, if you're really looking to save your money, the parks are gorgeous and window shopping here is just as fun!

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