5 Things I Learned My First Week as a Senior
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5 Things I Learned My First Week as a Senior

I know a week isn't very long, but you can still learn a lot in it.

5 Things I Learned My First Week as a Senior

Senior year recently started for me, and thousands of other kids across the country will be starting theirs soon as well. Senior year is hard: lots of planning, homework, "last times" to have, but more than that, a lot of maturing and, in the words of Kylie Jenner, "realizing things" happens. Here are some things I've learned as a senior so far.

1.) People Look Up to You.

It's one thing to look up to people who are older and learn from them, but its another thing when everyone is looking to you as an example and you must become the teacher. I remember as a freshman thinking that the seniors were the masters of everything and had everything figured out, but, as it turns out they don't (or at least I don't.) We are as scared and nervous for school as the freshmen and sophomores are, we're just better at hiding it. Yes, we may know a few more things than the younger grades, but we're far from being all-knowing. If anything, underclassmen should look to their teachers for advice. After all, they're the ones with careers while we fight over retail jobs at the mall like Game of Thrones.

2.) You Don't Know Everything, But You Know More Than You Think.

I know I'm super dumb when it comes to things like Calculus, paying taxes or making appointments without my mom there to help me, but I at least know the value of hard work, how to hold a conversation, and what patience can bring you. As an underclassmen, I was horrible at studying, I struggled to talk to older people and could barely wait for anyone either academically or while walking through the halls. Now, I feel more in touch with who I am and who I will be as an adult and don't fear having adult conversations as much as I used to. I still procrastinate (my biggest weakness) but I don't do it as bad as I used to. Most importantly, I've learned to wait for good things to come, and not be upset when I'm in a rut emotionally or academically.

3.) No One Actually Cares How You Look

People are waaaay more concerned about themselves to ever invest time into thinking about you. You could show up on the first day of school in sweatpants and a t-shirt and literally no one would care. No one pays attention to the fact that your hair is frizzy or that your makeup is cakey. Just focus on being a good person and the great friendships that you have and not about all that other stupid high school social drama crap.

4.) No Teachers Are Ever 'Scary' Or Out To Get You

Every teacher wants you to succeed. Let me say that again. Every teacher wants you to succeed. Even your scary biology teacher or your crazy Spanish teacher in the pit of their souls wants you to do well. They may come off as stern or cold, but they may use whatever method or attitude that is most effective for teaching their course. If they're ever cold to you or hard on you, don't take it personally. Their behavior is meant to make you better. Be patient, listen to what their trying to tell you, and work toward being better instead of doing nothing and complaining about your failure. That attitude will get you nowhere.

5.) Dating Isn't As Big a Deal As Everyone and Movies Make It Out to Be

TV and Movies will convince you that being single your senior year is the lamest thing you can do, and it's absolutely untrue. I know that dating and making relationships is very important in high school, but it should never take up significant amounts of your time and energy or be your #1 goal for school. Being a good, reliable friend and student is much more important. If you make it to senior year and you're still a virgin or have never had a long term relationship, that's ok (and actually probably for the best.) Sex isn't everything, and neither is having a boyfriend. focus on self improvement instead of making yourself good only to attract guys. You'll be glad you did in the long run.

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