5 Helpful Ways To Calm Yourself Before A Test
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5 Helpful Ways To Calm Yourself Before A Test

Do you suffer from anxiety during tests? Below are 5 quick ways to help you calm down fast!

5 Helpful Ways To Calm Yourself Before A Test
Suzanne Covert

I’ve always been the type of student that was anxious in school. I still am, even as a college student! As soon as a teacher mentioned a test, I would feel my heart race and I would start sweating. I could never understand why I reacted in such a negative way. I have recently deducted it to test anxiety. So many students out there have similar problems, but how often are we told how to handle them?

Now that I knew what was going on, I had to find a way to fix it! I’m currently taking classes for my Nursing degree and that means that tests are no new concept. As a student in prerequisites for a degree such as this, there is the possibility of having up to four or so tests in just one week! If you’re someone like me, you can see my dilemma.

So knowing the factors above and knowing I can’t just wish a test away, I started researching! When I say researching, I mean looking just about everywhere for answers and help. I needed a quick fix, and I needed it fast! The thing about anxiety is that it’s not something that has a magic fix. Sometimes you have to try multiple things, and sometimes things that helped you before start to work less and you have to find new solutions.

Below are a few items I have found that help me. I have tried and tested every single item on this list. Different days call for different calming methods! Try a few and see if they help you too!

1. Dressing Comfortably

A big part of testing and grades determine what kind of environment you’re in. If you’re in a hot room that makes you uncomfortable or a room that leaves you frosted over, adjusting your dress code can make a huge difference! Learning your environment is the key to promoting good grades.

Usually in a new class, you won’t know how to dress until you endure your first test. Even when I’m not sure, I always dress in a manner that makes me most comfortable. I like to wear a shirt that isn’t too tight and a pair of comfortable shoes.

Wearing tight-fit or dressy clothes can be distracting while you’re trying to focus on the information in front of you. So take my advice and wear what feels the most comfortable! Don’t worry about how you look to others, you’re going to be making an A! Who cares?

2. Essential Oils And Perfumes

I’ve always loved essential oils! There are so many kinds out there for many different types of ailments! Essential oils usually are used in warmers and diffusers but you can also get diluted oils to rub onto your bed or even your body!

Some essential oils that can help calm you are lavender, rose, ylang ylang, and frankincense. These can be bought at your local health foods stores or stores that stock oil diffusers.

Some are used for diffusers only and some can be used on your body, so when shopping, make sure you read the bottles and ask for help from someone in the store.

I love lavender! I have a bottle of oil, bath wash, and even hand sanitizer that I used before and during tests! I find lavender helps me concentrate, so you might want to try it out!

3. Breathing Exercises

This is one of the most recommended stress reliever out there! Usually when you’re stressed out, your heart begins to race, which makes anxiety harder to control. The best way to solve this is to take long, deep breaths. Breathing this way will help your heart slow and you will feel anxiety lower.

4. Incense

Incense is just as good as essential oils are and they even cost less! When you’re young or in college, spending tons of money isn’t always ideal.

Incense comes in stick form and even in little cones. They are both meant to be burned. There are some factors that people that use this method have to remember. This method includes fire so if you use it, you need to be around it while it burns to make sure nothing catches on fire.

The same smells that were mentioned in my essential oil section can also be found in incense form!

5. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most widely practiced techniques out there! Meditating takes a little bit more effort and practice than the rest of the items above, but if you do it right, it can change your way of thinking completely.

There are many different books and articles out there that give detailed ways to get started and even exercises that are good for people who have been practicing for years!

Overall, there are many different ways to calm yourself down before a test. Feel free to try one or all of these until you find what works for you! Good luck!

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