It’s finally summer! There are so many ways you could spend each day. While the weather's nice and your moods elevated, why not pick up a few healthy habits? With more time on your hands and no classes to worry about, this is the perfect time to focus on your health. Here are some super achievable goals to strive for this season:

1. Actually getting 6 or more hours of consistent sleep.

Thank god finals week is over and late night study sessions can halt for a couple months. It is recommended that adults get 6-10 hours of sleep per night, so aiming to get a healthy amount this summer should be a no-brainer. Sleep in a little later or go to bed early some nights. That extra 30 minutes counts!

2. Eating right.

Hello, fruit season! Summer is prime time for fresh fruits and veggies. With the sun beaming down on crops around the world, healthy options will be available almost everywhere. Start your day off with some watermelon or strawberries. You'll get the nutrients from the fruit and feel great too! Click here for some in-season options!

3. Spending more time in the sun.

Exposing your skin to the sun allows your body to produce vitamin D, a vitamin which is shown to reduce the risk of multiple diseases. Depending on your skin type you need 20-120 minutes in the sun to produce a substantial amount of vitamin D. Hit the beach and get that vitamin D!

4. Working out.

Let’s be real who hasn’t started a summer body workout plan and ditched it sooner than later. However, working out in the summer can be so much more achievable. You have your motivation (think summer bod), so why not go on that run you’ve been putting off? Or check out your local gym? Even better grab a yoga mat and a friend and try some calisthenics in your backyard!

5. Reading a book.

I started reading a book over winter break and had to put it down because of school, but now with some extra free-time, it's the perfect time to pick it back up. Reading a book you enjoy can help calm your senses and take you away from the world for a little. It also helps cut back on screen time. So instead of feeling bad about yourself when Nexflix asks if you're still watching, pick up a good book and change it up a bit!

Now that you know these easy ways to improve your health and overall well being this summer, give them a try! Maybe try one or two a week. Take it slow. You have extra time this season and making some healthy habits is within reach! So eat some melon and do a few crunches before you head to the beach, then let me know how you’re feeling!