5 Funniest YouTube Gamers Other Than PewDiePie and Markiplier
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5 Funniest YouTube Gamers Other Than PewDiePie and Markiplier

Lots of hidden gems out there.

5 Funniest YouTube Gamers Other Than PewDiePie and Markiplier
The Emory Wheel

Youtube Gamers have been there for me whenever I felt down and really out of it. They are the greatest mood boosters you can have in your life.

It all started with RuneScape videos back in 2006. RuneScape is an MMORPG that is set during the Medieval Times. I played the game for a while, and I stumbled upon a site called YouTube. I was fascinated by the RuneScape content, especially with reenactments of music videos, so I decided to make one.

Then comes PewDiePie in 2011. At that time, he had around 50K of subscribers or so, and I loved his horror series. I would watch his content from time to time in order to boost my mood because I was usually gloomy. However, I started to stop watching his content because I got a bit bored.

However, around 2014, my friend introduced me to a bunch of YouTube Gamers that made me laugh tremendously hard. Since then, I never looked back, and I have watched nearly every content they made.

Here are five funniest Youtube Gamers other than PewDiePie and Markiplier from least favorite to most.


Wildcat, or Tyler usually creates funny moment contents with his friends. Accumulating over 4.8 million subscribers, he is generally known for his derp and troll humor with his friends. He displays a good amount of fun cockiness which shows how intelligent he is during sessions even though he does not claim to be that of some sort. Occasionally, he is shown to have a hilarious rage side when he is annoyed by ignorance, trollers (despite being one), or situations where he tries hard a bit. Around his group of friends, he can be seen as a leader for coming up and pitching in ideas for sessions or games. In some cases, he does branches out on solo "Let's Plays" to expand his content.

4. Daithi De Nogla

The most lovable Irish man, Nogla creates funny moments with his friends and occasionally does solo "Let's Plays." Accumulating over 5 million subscribers, he is tremendously known for his deep iconic Irish rage and completely random and hilarious statements and questionable gibberish or outbursts. However, he is shown to be one of the nicest people as he loves to interact with fans on Twitter and hopes for everyone to have a nice day. He is also friends with Jacksepticeye (a more popular Irish Youtube Gamer) and collaborates with him sometimes. Other than making gaming content, he does make vlog-like content by singing with his guitar or showing his two lovable dogs named Joe and Tony. He is also known for making little to no editing to his videos, and it became a running gag with his friends after a session of Cards Against Humanity called "Unedited Daithi De Nogle Videos."

3. Mini Ladd

Mini, or Craig is generally known for making "Let's Play" content, face-cam reactions and interactions, and funny moments with his friends as he has over 3.7 million subscribers. Along with being great at editing videos, he is shown to have one of the most expressive and funny reactions to moments on and off cam. His laugh could be seen as a memorable trait. He is good friends with PewDiePie and even visited his place to make videos together. Along with Nogla, he is also one of the nicest people as he interacts with the fans on Twitter and YouTube a lot and has a Snapchat. In most vlog videos, he constantly thanks his fans for the support. He once held a 24-hour live stream on Twitch and raised over $55K to donate most of it to cancer charity. Along with the money, he dyed his hair pink after surpassing a donation goal. His actions are praised by many people to be one of the most humble YouTube Gamers that give back.

2. VanossGaming

Vanoss, or Evan is one of the most popular YouTubers reaching almost 20 million subscribers. He is known for his tremendous editing skills, troll behavior, and chill ironic humor. His videos contain mostly funny moments with his friends, but sometimes put out solo content. Because of his sudden boost in popularity, it allowed his friends (such as the ones mentioned above) to gain huge popularity and publicity. On the other hand, they also helped Vanoss grow. Often times, he is viewed by many fans as the leader of the crew due to his popularity, but no one has stepped forward to say anything. Unlike Mini Ladd and Nogla, he rarely interacts with fans on social media. However, he has partake many charity works privately and interact with fans in real life and events. He likes to keep his personal life separate and low-key from his YouTube life. He is shown to be a bit camera shy since he does not have many face-cam videos and is barely shown in other people's vlogs. Regardless, he has stated that when he makes videos for people, he wants everyone to have a good time. As a result, his comment sections and fanbase are overwhelming positive and non-toxic. He has branched out by partaking in a creation of a game called "Dead Realm" in which became one of the top horror games on Steam and providing a voice for his own character in a YouTube Red animated series called "Paranormal Action Squad."

1. H2ODelirious

Delirious, or Jonathan is a popular YouTube Gamers that has over 8.5 million subscribers. He is often seen as the closest friend to VanossGaming in the crew. His content contains mostly of horror and indie "Let's Plays," but also makes funny moments with his friends, too. He has collaborated with many YouTube Gamers from big to small. However, he is extremely known for his recognizable psychotic laugh and personality. Back in the day, he was popular for his Call of Duty montages. At that time, he was quiet and shy, and he would post content of his friends' funny moments. Today, Delirious is loved by many for his crazy attitude gameplay, laugh, and freakouts. On Twitter, even having millions of followers, he still interacts with fans and likes people's fanart. Despite the overwhelming popularity, he has never shown his face at all. In a way, this also contributes to his popularity as people see him as the most mysterious person on the internet. The only person that has seen and known him in real life is his best friend, CaRtOoNz, another YouTube gamer. Many people have tried to find out who he is, but to no avail. Any sightings of him are shut down by CaRtOoNz or himself. He has stated recently that he values his privacy, and therefore, he will not reveal his face anytime soon. Nonetheless, he brings out A plus content almost daily and has inspired many people to become YouTubers themselves. His outro song is a dedication to his fans.

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