5 Easy Ways To Save Money In College

If you're in college, money is one of the many things on your mind. So here are five easy ways to save money while you're in college. We'll all need them at one point or another!

1. Bring coffee/tea from home

Bringing coffee you make at home is so much cheaper, and if you use a travel mug it's better for the environment, too! If you don't have a coffee maker, you can get a personal coffee pot at Walmart. If you prefer k-cups, you can get a machine that makes them for about $40 on amazon, so in the long run it will save you money and you'll reduce waste! It's a win-win!

2. Eat in the Dining Hall

If you live on campus, you are required to have a meal plan, so use it! The dining halls have to-go options or all you can eat, and they have a great selection! If you're bored with the selections, check out @hungerhacked on Instagram for new combinations you can make in the dining halls to spice up your meal!

3. Student Discounts

A lot of stores offer discounts for students with a valid ID or university email. Places like Amtrak, Spotify, ASOS and Amazon Prime all have student discounts. Do some searching before you buy anything online or ask in stores to see if they offer a discount for students.

4. Buy textbooks used

This one is a no-brainer, but you can save so much money by purchasing your textbooks used or renting them. Check out the used sections of the bookstore or try websites like Chegg and Book Slug for the best deals.

5. Put your laundry in one load

Of course you can't put reds in white whites, but as long as your clothes have been washed before, they probably won't bleed onto each other. Even if you separate them in the washer, put all of your clothes into one dryer and you'll save money that way, too! Bonus tip: make sure that you have a full load of dirty laundry. It saves more money to do one big load than a lot of smaller loads.

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