5 Don'ts Of Being Sick

5 Don'ts Of Being Sick

Let's face it, being sick isn't fun


While, this should be self explanatory and unsaid due to whatever hocus pocus reason we make up in out minds. But let’s face it, tons of us still do these things despite being told. When being told not to do these things in college by our parents and others, we tend to revert to being a 2year old and do the thing anyways. I know, trust me because let’s face it, we all do stupid things when sick.

1. Don’t Drink Alcohol/ Go To Parties

This should be the most obvious one, but despite how they feel they go and drink anyways, while I personally won’t judge you or persecute you for a poor decision, but I will question you as to why you chose to do this? I’m not the party type, nor the drinking type, as I don’t go to them or drink anything alcoholic (I actually don’t for personal reasons. But, let’s face it being sick is bad enough, you don’t need staying out late and drinking on top of that. Being sick is bad enough and drinking all night and dealing with it the day after is bad enough in itself, so why combine the two.

2. Don’t Post About It On Social Media

Let’s get straight to the point, it’s annoying and most people won’t care you’re sick. The only people who cares if your sick is your friends and parents and obviously yourself and probably your roommates as well if you have any. No one wants to hear about how you’re sick over and over again.

3. Don’t Go To Classes

I know, it’s easy not to go anyways, but it’s especially easy when your sick not to go. But,I say, if you’re really not feeling good to stay home, especially if you have a bad cold. It’s also easy too because you get to rest, you a break from school and plus you don’t get points off for not going because most professors just ask for doctors notes if you are absent from class. So it’s real a no brainer.

4. Don’t Exaggerate Your Illness

Now this will indeed get you in trouble, not only will your professors will be mad, they will most likely not trust you, not to mention your parents will be too. Let’s face it, if you’re going to stay home, you have the choice of emailing the professor. If you indeed do decide to, spare them the gross details, just say you’re not coming in because you have whatever kind of cold and leave it at that.

5. Don't Eat Like Shit

Just because you’re sick, doesn’t give you the excuse to eat everything unhealthy at your house or dorm room or go and order everything unhealthy. Not only can our stomach probably not handle it, you’re also probably not that hungry to begin with. When we’re sick we usually aren’t wicked hungry, so eating lots of snacks and big unhealthy meals like pizza or something isn’t the best route to go. While you can do that any other time, eating better will make you feel better. Personally I like having saltines while sick.

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