5 Books That Really Should Be Made Into Games
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5 Books That Really Should Be Made Into Games

These would make great games

5 Books That Really Should Be Made Into Games

These works are classic books that pretty much everyone has heard of is not read. They also would make great video games. Here are 5 books that really should be made into video games

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein 

Now I'm talking the original Frankenstein here, none of this bringing the monster to life through lightning stuff. In the original version the good doctor doesn't tell us how he brought the creature to life. Anyway this could be a good point and click adventure game, sorta like what Telltale did before they shut down.


The actual story that Bram Stoker originally wrote would be hard to adapt given its writing style and the general plot is difficult to use. However, Mr. Stoker did give us a lot of vampire lore that hasn't really be used that much.

For example, vampires can turn their bodies not only into a swarm of bats but also into a wolf and a cloud of mist. That sounds like vampire super powers that would be awesome for solving puzzles or kicking butt.

Any work by H.P. Lovecraft

I know Call of Cthulhu is already a game but his other works are also pretty good video game material. Maybe have Focus Home Interactive make an anthology game featuring some of Lovecraft's better stories like Shadow Over Indsmouth or The Colour Out of Space. It would probably fit best into the horror game genre but it would be awesome.

The Iliad 

This one is obvious to me. RTS game anyone? Come on Paradox Interactive, you could make a killing off this as an RTS. Have the Greek and Trojan armies slam into each other. Maybe have Hector and Agamemnon as the commanders. Have the gods be the tutorial messages that pop up it would be great.

The Divine Comedy

I can hear the objections already, "But there's already a Dante's Inferno game". First I want a Divine Comedy game, not just inferno but also purgatorio and paradiso. Purgatorio and paradiso are just as weird as inferno so don't worry.

Second I want EA as far from this project as possible. They gave us that awful display the last time this was tried, they don't need to screw with it again.

I'm sure there are plenty of other books that would make awesome games. These were just a few that I came up with. Hope you all enjoyed

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