The 5 Best Video Games You Need to Play

During the summer, you're gonna have a lot of free time on your hands. So why not kick back and play some fun video games?

1. Oxenfree

See, I'm not much of a video game person usually, but Oxenfree was definitely a great one. It is easy to navigate and such a compelling story arc! I played it with a couple friends and we're going to be replaying it because it was so fun. It has different options for dialogue as well, so we weren't confined to a single story line. Just watch out with the dialogue options; it might seem innocent, but Alex, the person you're playing, can be extremely sarcastic.

2. Dark Souls

Dark Souls is challenging, but not so bad that you get overwhelmed and can't do it. The game has the mentality that no matter how many times you fall down you can get back up. The atmosphere of world bleak, but beautiful, with it's wonderful landscapes. It engrosses you in story, which tends to morph into the background. However, the game forces you to be cautious. You are never powerful enough to have no challenged, but you never feel overpowered.

3. Saints Row 3-4

Both Saints Row 3 and 4 are both silly games. It's basically a crazy version of GTA, so you what you want when you want. These are the games if you want to have fun time and characters are interesting. Co-op allows you to have fun with friends. The side missions have interesting twist. Overall joyful game.

4. Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V is for people who like action games, but not first-person shooting games. It's about strategy and espionage. During the game, you really need to observe what your doing and make strategy for it. It also gives you options for what time of day to spy.

5. Portal Series

The Portal series is for people who love puzzles and figuring out situations. Sometimes Portal tries to take itself seriously, but, honestly, it adds a great deal of comedy, especially during co-op. It's all about trying different things and having fun the whole time.

Shout out to my brother for helping me out with this list because I'm a complete amateur at video games.

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