5 Best Beauty Products For Summer
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5 Best Beauty Products For Summer

My favorite makeup products for the summer

5 Best Beauty Products For Summer
Anderson Guerra

Summer can take a toll on our skin and sometimes our makeup can't withstand the heat, here are some of my ride or die products for the summer months!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation is a Summer must! With 12 hour wear and a Waterproof formula, it is guaranteed to last you throughout any summer activities you are planning on!

I just started using it in the more recent months but it has quickly become one of my favorite foundations I have ever used! the color is amazing and It lasted me more than 12 hours in the heat at an amusement park, even at my graduation party when it was pouring rain it lasted the whole time! The lightweight feel of it added a more skin-like texture and finish to your makeup and made it much more wearable.

Elf Eyebrow/ Eyelash Gel

The elf eyebrow gel is super cheap and works incredibly well on my wild eyebrows! This product will keep everything in place all day while giving them volume and shape. I have been using this product since around the 8th grade and it is still one of my favorite products to this day! I highly recommend everyone give it a try whether you are looking for a good eyebrow product or in order to save a quick buck.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

This mascara is the best mascara I have ever used! I would not recommend anything else to anyone! Whether you have shorter lashes, longer, curlier lashes like me, I would use it! the formula is natural and feels light and airy on your lashes while giving you volume and length. If you want a more feathery look or a false lash look, this mascara can do it all.

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist

Morphe Continuous setting mist allows your makeup to stay on all day, and since the mist is so fine, it does not leave patches on your skin and leaves your makeup looking smooth and flawless all day! Even if you are doing a more light look and a full face, this setting mist will allow you to go to a baseball game, or sit around the house with no problems or transfer!

Anastasia Blush Trio

I absolutely love these blush trios! they are perfect for a little summer color, or if you are like me, like that little rosy nose! these formulas are long-lasting and smooth, with just the right amount of pigmentation! With an amazing color range, you can do whatever look you want whether you want a more pinky tone or a peach, perfect for any occasion! While this is more on the pricier side, the quality truly shines and makes it worth the extra couple dollars for a sun-kissed rosy look!

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