41 Things You Undoubtably Did During Freshman Year Of College
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41 Things You Undoubtably Did During Freshman Year Of College

It's not all fun and games -- but it definitely isn't all lectures and exams, either

41 Things You Undoubtably Did During Freshman Year Of College

You might think that college is full of just amazing memories including intellectually stimulating conversations with professors and perfect nights out with your lifelong best friends. Well, that's not reality. Don't get me wrong, college is incredible but it's not quite everything it's made out to be. As my freshman year comes to a close, I've done some reflecting. Here are 41 things that my friends and I accomplished our freshman year.

1. Move in and have an awkward first meeting with your roommate.

2. Get your first ever A in college.

3. Get your first ever F of college.

4. Watch your school win a national championship (apparently this doesn’t happen for everyone…)

5. Make a fool of yourself at a frat party

6. Want a hug from your mom more than anything.

7. Find a favorite food in the dining hall until it’s all you eat for two weeks and you can never have it again.

8. Learn the importance of sleep, yet a lot of the time put sleep on the back burner.

9. Wonder what the hype about this whole “college” thing is.

10. Say yes, to everything.

11. Stare at homework at 2 a.m. telling yourself you’re never saying yes to anything ever again.

12. Freak out when you see a puppy or a baby.

13. Take way too many picture in a frat basement.

14. Question what the true definition of alcoholism is.

15. Eat your body weight in fries and pizza.

16. Cry about how much you just really want to pet your dog.

17. Cry about how no one told you how freakin' hard it was going to be.

18. Want to go back to second semester senior year where you knew everything and everyone and life was easy.

19. Cry when you realize that can’t happen.

20. Cry when you finally get to eat real food again.

21. Make lifelong friendships.

22. Make week long, month long, or semester long friendships.

23. Miss high school (yes people, we all know you did this at some point).

24. Get love handles.

25. Drink wine and cuddle with your roommate.

26. Miss driving your car.

27. (never) get used to communal bathrooms.

28. Gain a new level of appreciation for an accurate weather report.

29. Crave taking a shower without.

30. Go on a ridiculously insane adventure or two (like dropping your entire life savings on a spur of the moment trip to Texas to watch your school win the national championship).

31. Test the limits of how long you can go without shaving your legs.

32. Accept the fact that you will have patches of hair on your legs no matter how hard you try shaving them.

33. Go a week wearing the same bra because you can’t make enough time to do laundry.

34. Always be sick, know someone that is sick, are just getting over being sick, or are starting to get sick.

35. Embarrass yourself more times than you thought imaginable.

36. Learn that how people treat the people that work in the dining hall is directly indicative of their character.

37. Lose touch with friends from home you thought you'd talk to forever.

38. Keep in touch with friends from home you never thought you would talk to after graduation day.

39. Consider transferring (anyone who denies this is lying).

40. Wonder what the hell you signed yourself up for.

41. Fall head over heels in love with your school.

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