40 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has While Shopping At Forever 21
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40 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has While Shopping At Forever 21

Because every girl has to face The Beast at one point in her Greek career

40 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has While Shopping At Forever 21
  1. *Walks into store* I. Am. Overwhelmed.
  2. How on planet Earth will I find anything in this store, let alone the dress I need?
  3. Okay, I’m in here for a formal dress, right? Or maybe two formal dresses?
  4. Onward, I am not here to look for night-out apparel that will literally rip before I get to my destination.
  5. Dresses, dresses, I’m here to look at dresses.
  6. But this would be perfect for recruitment, right?
  7. Oh, look! A sports section! There’s even Lakers and Bulls apparel. I can now be relatable to sports themed parties hollerrrrrrr!
  8. So. Much. Mesh. Sportswear.
  9. This neon workout shirt seems pointless, but it’s just so likely that there’s going to be a workout theme or a neon theme one of these days. I’ll at least try it on.
  10. The best part of all this is, I could literally leave this attire in a fraternity formal trash can and not grieve the loss, because hey, it was under $10.
  11. Honestly, why would anyone wear any of these graphic tanks? I’m pretty sure these French quotes would not make any sense if translated.
  12. Look! This blazer would be perfect for meeting! Let’s be real, I’m not going to shell out all my money on J.Crew business attire when I could be using that money on late night queso.
  13. Speaking of queso, I’m hungry. Let’s get this show on the road and try on some clothes.
  14. *Walks up to dressing room* This line to try on these clothes is literally longer than the line to get into college football games...
  15. I mean, I don’t reallllly need to try these things on, right?
  16. Hurry up, people! My arm is literally about to fall off from waiting this long!
  17. Are you kidding me?! You can only bring six items in? Does Forever 21 aim to create the longest dressing room line possible?
  18. *Starts to try things on* Woof. Who would look good in this? I would actually get a public indecency ticket for wearing this in public
  19. Yup, this isn’t going to fit over my butt.
  20. Annnnnnnnd another top that wouldn’t even look good on Kendall Jenner #blessed.
  21. Finally, a dress that fits! Now, I just have to decide what event to wear it to!
  22. Is this more fraternity formal material, date party material, or sorority formal material? Eh, I’ll figure it out later.
  23. *Exits dressing room* Now that I’ve cleared my arms of most of the clothes, let’s load them back up with accessories!
  24. OMG they have hair bows in every color for only $2.80. I NEED FIVE.
  25. There are so many America accessories and there’s always USA themed events, so that clearly justifies this red white and blue bow, headband and sunglasses.
  26. I could start wearing jewelry to class this year, right? I mean, it doesn’t take that much effort to layer some necklaces. Plus, when they’re only $5 each, it’s worth a try.
  27. Maybe I could even be one of those girls who reps midi rings, how trendy!
  28. Imaginary trendsetter time is over, let’s make our way to checkout.
  29. Sunglasses are only $5.80 and I lose a pair a week, clearly I need to restock.
  30. Ok, ok, now I’m actually done, checkout here I come.
  31. *Sees checkout line* Hell Nope.
  32. *Going through aggressively long checkout line* Who in the world falls for these check out items? I mean, come on. This “Home Decor” section is worse than Limited Too’s (RIP every tween’s dream store).
  33. Why are there a million check-out stations but only two cashiers? Does Forever 21 afford to have these cheap prices because they are so understaffed?
  34. Only one shopper in left before I’m up, the anticipation is real.
  35. YES I’M UP!
  36. *Cashier starts ringing up pieces* Well… this is more than expected, but at least I got that formal dress I needed.
  37. *Hands over card* Instant doubt, instant doubt.
  38. I need to get out of the store before regret starts kicking in over that 3rd hair bow.
  39. *Strolls out of Forever 21 with slight grimace but also sense of accomplishment*
  40. Okay, this is good! Look at me; I got all I needed and then some! I’m not over the top, I’m just over prepared!! *Walks out somehow prepped for two themed parties that may never happen, jewelry that will turn hands green, and finally, if lucky, the dress that was actually needed*
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