40 Things You Can Stop Apologizing For
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40 Things You Can Stop Apologizing For


40 Things You Can Stop Apologizing For
Marcello Geppetti

"It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to apologize for." Amy Poehler

Sometimes, we as women find ourselves apologizing for a heck of a lot more than what is really necessary. No one asks us to, but we seem to believe that if we have to take up more than our fair share of space, even for a second, we better be vocally sorry about it. These silly little apologies tend to get confused for good manners. If someone runs into me at the grocery store, excusing myself is just polite. If my order is completely wrong at the drive thru, accepting what I have is better than inconveniencing the workers. We do it with the best of intentions, but what we are really doing is avoiding conflict. If I can just apologize my way through it, no one will be angry with me and life will go on. I may take some unnecessary blame, but everyone leaves mostly unscathed. It takes a while to break a habit- I think they say something like 21 days, but there are definitely some things we, as women, need to stop apologizing for right this instant:

1. Being overdressed.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing what makes you feel good. If that is a smokey eye at 8:00 in the morning, so be it.

2. Relying on coffee to make it through the morning.

3. Acting just like your mama.

Because that is actually a compliment.

4. Making sure they don't forget the whip on your frappuccino.

Don't let the skinny, low-fat, watered-down coffee snobs get you down. Get whatever you please.

5. Being proud of yourself.

6. Not even attempting to contour your face.

7. Geeking out about something.

8. Talking about your boyfriend/fiance/husband.

If someone is making you happy, don't apologize for it.

9. Not joining a sorority.

10. Having an opinion on political/social issues.

11. Going to bed early on the weekend.

12. Wearing sensible shoes.

13. Being a different person than you were last year.

I hope to always be growing.

14. Biting off more than you can chew.

15. Having a bad day.

16. Being smart.

17. Gaining a couple pounds.

18. Having a mental illness.

19. Expecting good things to happen.

20. Asking questions.

21. Being a feminist.

22. Busting out your "comfort food" on a good day.

23. Enjoying your own company.

24. Failing.

25. Wearing the same messy bun three days straight.

26. Asking Mom and Dad for help.

They are actually the best. Just say thank you.

27. Using Facebook to remember birthdays.

We all do it.

28. Spending too much money on food.

29. Not settling.

30. Having a messy apartment.

If you came unannounced, there is a good chance you won't like what you see.

31. Being vulnerable.

32. Missing people from your past.

33. Staying home.

There are some people unaffected by FOMO and I am one of those people.

34. Asking for more.

35. Saying "no."

36. Changing your mind.

37. Working at a sub-par job while pursuing your dream.

No one will judge you for sacking groceries through college. You gotta' do what you gotta' do.

38. Getting your nails done.

You can literally go to the nail salon and not convince yourself and everyone else that you "deserve it." Sometimes you can go just because you want to. I promise.

39. Crying during the Notebook.


40. Loving yourself.

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