40 Things I'd Do If I Had More Time

40 Things I'd Do If I Had More Time

Because who wouldn't want to ride in a golf cart with a lion?

At least once a day I'm wishing I had more time; to study, sleep, or just make that guap (money for those not into hip lingo). I'm constantly feeling overworked as I scramble to do more than what is humanely possible. For a good majority of people 24 hours in a day is enough; however, for anyone similar to me, it's no where near what we truly need. As college students we're supposed to get 8-10 hours of sleep, go to class (which is typically 3-6 hours a day depending on your schedule), study for said classes (professors advise 3-4 hours per lecture = roughly 9 hours a day), work to pay bills, and eat. Admit it, you don't have as much time as you wish.

My parents tell me daily I'm overworking myself, pushing the boundaries on how much by body and immune system can handle. "You need to prioritize, you want to do everything and you can't." - These are the words I here daily. Well, If I had more time in a day this wouldn't be such an issue. With all the things I'm required to accomplish within a day, it's almost impossible to have any free time for myself. Knowing I need more time in a day, here's 40 things I would do if I had more time in a day.

1. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

2. Perfect more Paula Deen recipes.

3. Go hiking.

4. Travel to the beach.

5. Ride an elephant.

6. Pick up the world's best cupcake.

7. Visit the peanut factory.

8. Write more thorough articles.

9. Practice more sutures on bananas.

10. Buy a puppy. Name it Socks.

11. Take Socks to the park.

12. Run with Socks.

13. Sit under a waterfall.

14. Eat the world's largest pizza.

15. Paint my room with chalkboard paint.

16. Draw a mural of the beach on my walls.

17. Read the Harry Potter series.

18. Learn to snowboard.

19. Learn Chinese.

20. Meet Chris Pratt.

21. Confess my love to him.

22. Redo my LinkedIn.

23. Go on The Voice.

24. Perform "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

25. Become famous for how terrible it sounds.

26. Buy a sugar glider.

27. Try more DIY projects.

28. See how many marshmallows I can fit in my mouth.

29. Visit my family.

30. Taking a bowling class.

31. Become a superb bowler.

32. Learn to roller blade.

33. Reenact Grey's Anatomy.

34. Write an article on why it's called "Grey's Anatomy."

35. Take a wine tasting class.

36. End up tipsy and eat all the cheese. They give you cheese right?

37. Buy a 50 pound Gouda cheese roll.

38. Make a Youtube channel.

39. Rewatch the Fast and Furious series.

40. Eat.

Cover Image Credit: Kevin Harrington.TV

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Cover Image Credit: Salon

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What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You

What Thanksgiving food is your favorite?


As Thanksgiving is fast approaching and family members start rolling with loads of food in tow, figure out what your favorite Thanksgiving food says about you.

1. The Turkey

Thanksgiving Oven Roasted Turkey photo by Alison Marras (@foodbymars) on Unsplash


You are a traditionalist, you are dependable as well as patient. You depend on your dish to be there and you are patient as others argue over dark to light as you know there will be plenty to go around after the mad rush is over.

2. The Stuffing

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You are the warm and fuzzy type, you enjoy the coziest of all dishes which can sometimes leave you emotionally exhausted. You believe in true love and if you haven't found it you are still probably looking for that missing Turkey in your life.

3. The Mash Potatoes 

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While some will consider you basic and they aren't wrong in thinking so but you do occasionally add some spice to your daily planned out routine. The pondering question of to add gray or to not does add a little mix into your life.

4. The Rolls

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You enjoy the simple things in life, even the simplest of things bring you great joy and happiness. Fall is full of the little things that make you happy the color changing of leaves, the giggle of a baby at your family gathering, fall is a wonderful time for you.

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6. The Vegetable 

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7. The Pie

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You are quite the rebel whether you show it or keep it in the inside you know you want your dessert first! You enjoy having fun and don't feel like waiting around to have your pie and eat it, too.

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