Midterms season is upon us, and college students across the country are riding the struggle bus as they try to frantically cram in a month and a half's worth of information in the days and hours leading up to their midterm. Chances are they have more than one to worry about at once, as I wonderfully enjoyed three midterms between a Monday and Tuesday this past week.

So in taking every effort to avoid the inevitable studying that must happen, here are 40 things I'd (and I'm sure many other students in the position) would rather do that study for midterms:

1. Rewatch your favorite Netflix show that you've already seen 10 times.

2. Sit through a Netflix show that you actually hate just to pass time.

3. Actually go to the gym and work out.

4. Eat every meal for the week at the worst dining hall on campus.

5. Wait at least 30 minutes for a bus that's already full when it gets to your stop.

6. Wear a completely mismatched outfit out because you haven't done laundry in weeks.

7. Actually do the laundry that's been piling up for those weeks.

8. Sit through lectures for classes you don't even take.

9. Spend $100 for a textbook you won't actually use to study.

10. Try to stream a sporting event with the university wifi.

11. Sing on stage in front of a crowd of people.

12. Only wear high heels to class for a month.

13. Only wear Crocs to class for a month.

14. Apply for on-campus housing with a terrible lottery number.

15. Wait in the Starbucks line for 20 minutes only to have them be out of your favorite drink.

16. Crave a certain food at night after everything is closed.

17. Accidentally answer a sales call and actually stay on the line.

18. Never wear leggings again (okay, that's probably going too far)

19. Never be allowed to pass any puppy I see on campus.

20. Switch from an iPhone to an Android.

21. Watch a Youtube video that's nothing but buffering.

22. Reorganize an entire Forever 21.

23. Forget an umbrella or rain boots in a thunderstorm.

24. Actually go to the library.

25. Realizing the buses stopped running and you have to find a new way to get back to your dorm in the middle of the night.

26. Thoroughly clean all of my makeup brushes and sponges.

27. Assemble a house full of IKEA furniture myself.

28. Sit through an incredibly sad movie with a fresh face of makeup (sorry, mascara)

29. Forget a jacket and walking back to your dorm room in the freezing cold.

30. Wear a long-sleeved shirt in your sweltering, non-air conditioned lecture hall.

31. Have 8 a.m. classes every day of the week... and actually go to them.

32. Only take cold showers for a month.

33. Babysit a toddler who screams non-stop all night.

34. Lose my student ID and pay for a replacement.

35. Crack my iPhone screen - with a Lifeproof case on.

36. Wait in line for a roller coaster and have it close when you get to the front of the line.

37. Sprint for the bus all month and just miss it every time.

38. Stand in line for hours on Black Friday, only for them to sell out of whatever item you were waiting for.

39. Delete my Twitter account.

40. Write this list instead of studying.

Now, go off and either do any of these 40 things, or actually go study. Good luck on midterms!