It's that time of the year again when we all spend to our limits. We need to go work the seasonal job during Christmas break to hold us over for the rest of the year. We are tired of eating the same dining hall food. We can't afford to be eating out because we need to actually save that money to buy things we ACTUALLY NEED. So we are left with very limited options. This Friday is our lucky day! Since Friday is National Taco Day, some places are giving out great deals and even FREE TACOS. Here's where to snag yours.

1. Chronic Tacos

All you need to do is memorize the special code word on their social media and then you get a FREE taco.

2. Jack in the Box

You get two FREE tacos with ANY purchase on Friday!

3. Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

If you decide to dine at the restaurant, you will get one FREE chicken or beef taco with any purchase. If you're feeling very hungry, you can participate in the "Taco Gigante Challenge" and eat a two-pound taco, then you get a FREE taco every week for a year. Worth it? I think so!

4. Rubio's Coastal Grill

if you dine-in and purchase a drink, then you get a taco for FREE on Friday.

Be on the lookout for great deals on this day!