Frugal Fun: 4 Cheap Date Ideas
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Frugal Fun: 4 Cheap Date Ideas

You don't have to break the bank to be romantic!

Frugal Fun: 4 Cheap Date Ideas

Fun dates don’t have to cost half your paycheck. You won’t have to sacrifice the romance when you save money on a date, and any of these four ideas can still help the two of you ignite that special spark between each other. Whether it’s a bike ride or a date in a coffee shop, here are four frugal dates.

Take a Romantic Bicycle Ride Together

The two of you can explore more of the world around you by taking a romantic bicycle tour on a suitable bike path or along a safe open road. If the two of you don’t own bicycles, you can rent ones affordably at a local bike shop. Some bike shops even have two-seater tandem bicycles for rent that will allow the two of you to share the same bike and work as a team as you peddle together.

As you bike, feel free to make stops along the way. If you see a local shop you’d like to venture into, go inside together. Maybe you found a scenic view—have a seat and enjoy nature. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page about leisurely stopping as you come across these fun discoveries.

For an added bonus, pack a backpack full of snacks and perhaps a picnic blanket. This will allow you to take breaks together and make the trip last longer. This is especially helpful if you’re going to be biking in a rural area.

Attend a Couples Painting Class

Painting offers a great way for the two of you to explore your creative sides. You can find couples painting classes in your area that are especially suitable for date nights. The two of you can paint your own separate pictures or work on a painting together to create the perfect masterpiece that will serve as a great keepsake from your date. Many couples painting classes also offer participants wine and snacks.

Consider adding a custom touch to your painting. Although most painting classes will provide a general outline of what to create, you can change some colors and of course paint in whatever you’d like. If your partner likes a certain animal, plant, or color, try incorporating it into your artwork for a more meaningful painting.

Have an Affordable Romantic Dinner

You can still have the classic romantic dinner date without having to spend a fortune. A small restaurant with reasonable prices and a private atmosphere can be the perfect setting for a special meal with your date. A sweet dessert at a coffee shop or bakery afterwards can also help spice up the romance. You can even order catering from a local restaurant like Italian Fiesta Pizzeria and have the food delivered to a location of your choice.

Nothing says romance like food! Whatever option you choose, make sure to give yourselves plenty of time to enjoy your meal or treat. Don’t rush—take in your environment and each other’s company.

Go Thrift Shopping Together

Thrift shopping is a fun and inexpensive way to spend time together. There are great activities you could complete in a thrift store—from a scavenger hunt to buying five items of one color. You could also make a competition on who can get the most bang for their buck. Start with a spending allowance (make this low, like ten dollars) and then meet up after thirty or so minutes. Whoever has the best items, wins.

There’s so much fun to be had thrift shopping together! You can even piece together outfits for one another and then wear them the rest of the date. You can make it a goofy outfit or a dressy one, or even aim to buy something they’d wear again and again. You can decide the look you’re going for.

Dating shouldn’t require you to strain your finances. With these clever date ideas, you can spend quality time together while still having enough money left over after the date.

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