We all go to a restaurant and eat sometimes which means we all have had servers take care of us. I always try and be polite and not be bothersome. But not everyone is nice to their servers or don’t realize what they were doing is bothersome to their server.

1. Not making eye contact

Talking to your server about what you want them to get for you is rude and annoying. It may be their job, but they are taking care of you and getting everything for you. They are people too, so treat them like it.

2. Repeatedly sending them to get you something

I’m not talking about just asking for an extra side of ketchup, I’m talking about sending them to get an extra ketchup then when they get back sending them for a refill then when they get back sending then for ranch then when they get back sending them for another refill. If you need a lot of stuff just ask for it all at once, you aren’t doing them a favor by sending them one at a time. It makes their job harder.

3. Not tipping after making them bend over backward

If you spent your entire time eating at the restaurant making your server do everything you can think of and you don’t tip, that is the equivalent of a slap in the face.

4. Getting more than one drink per person

If three people get two drinks a person, a server has to carry six drinks on a tray and try to balance them without spilling.