366 Lessons
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Politics and Activism

366 Lessons

A record of everything from September to December

366 Lessons

2016 has now reached its final trimester. September has arrived, and the semester is in full swing for college students.

The heated election between Trump and Clinton will now come to a close with only one winner. The Holidays are vastly coming fast.

This will certainly be a Fall to remember for the final 122 lessons.

September 1

You never know what could happen.

September 2

Always be closing.

September 3

Change starts by getting up.

September 4

Endings are the opportunities for new beginnings.

September 5

Know thy enemy as much as thyself.

September 6

Failure is how you succeed.

September 7

Don’t interpret the question. Ask for clarification

September 8

You can keep insulting one’s pass all you want, but just know that doing so is one of the worst things you can do to someone.

September 9

Vote for someone who represents you and your future.

September 10

You can’t stop bad things from coming in, but you can stop it from affecting you.

September 11

There are some events we should never forget.

September 12

There is no perfect world, but there are perfect people, right?

September 13

Never forget to smile because it could mean the difference.

September 14

There will always be enemies, but sometimes, there could not be friends.

September 15

Make people laugh and you get their attention.

September 16

Be grateful

September 17

United we stand. Divided we fall.

September 18

Is there a way to help others without hurting anyone else?

September 19

Money only grows on trees, if you’re willing to plant the seeds.

September 20

We have the power from destroying ourselves.

September 21

You can’t satisfy everyone.

September 22

Confusion is the key to answers.

September 23

You have to show why you’re great. Your friends will back you up. Life will either prove you wrong or give more reasons why you’re great.

September 24

Sometimes you have to be a hypocrite in order to succeed.

September 25

Your success can only be measured by you.

September 26

Racism and sexism suck. All that energy people use to discriminate on others based on factors they can't control could be used to solve world's problems.

September 27

Crisis brings people together. Peace separates them.

September 28

Then again, wouldn’t wars be easier be if the leaders settled them? They’re typically the ones causing it, not the soldiers on the front line.

September 29

“Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver.”

September 30

I don’t see why Presidential candidates are debating. Shouldn’t they be working together and compromising instead of saying who’s plan is better?

October 1

Awareness is important. How we express it is even more important.

October 2

Greatness doesn’t come without work.

October 3

Information is powerful, but the most information could be your downfall.

October 4

Balance family works

October 5

A person’s true character from stress.

October 6

You never know what the future will hold/

October 7

“I thought I could handle my issues on my own. That’s what our demons want us to believe.”

October 8

Kicking and screaming won’t be able to solve the puzzle.

October 9

Every day is judgment day. Everyone judges one another to the point it’s natural.

October 10

“The same hammer that breaks glass breaks steel.”

October 11

One choice could change your entire mental outlook

October 12

If it’s restated, it’s important.

October 13

Success isn’t measured by numbers.

October 14

All you could ask for is an opportunity

October 15

Years of training for one game is why pressure even exists.

October 16

Life isn’t about who makes it the farthest. It’s about who you take the farthest with you.

October 17

Being persistent is solely a mature trait.

October 18

Food and water keep your body alive, but friends and family keep your mind alive.

October 19

Honesty is the center of all themes.

October 20

Sweat symbolizes work.

October 21

Hard work, stress, and endurance give leisure its meaning.

October 22

We try to solve the problems that we didn’t cause and avoid solving the problems we did cause.

October 23

The difference between success and failure is laughter.

October 24

The biggest regrets in life involve either involve not making a decision or making an actual decision.

October 25

Self-doubt is one’s worst enemy.

October 26

As you get older, life becomes more difficult.

October 27

Opportunity can come be expectedly so be ready.

October 28

You can’t care for others if you can’t care for yourself.

October 29

Risks about consequences that we fear. Control consequences and you control fear.

October 30

A day of sacrifice will go a long way. Even on your birthday.

October 31

The moment you forget to enjoy yourself is the moment you forget to live.

November 1

Rely on others only when they can rely on you.

November 2

Control the momentum and patience to ensure the win.

November 3

Everyone is afraid of things they don’t understand.

November 4

Patience is a virtue, but we always find time to limited.

November 5

True happiness comes from making others happy.

November 6

Self-worth shouldn’t be dependent on the opinions of others.

November 7

Confusion is why technology exists.

November 8


November 9

It doesn’t matter what pain people are going through. Telling them to get over it will never work. Everything is easier than done.

November 10

If you can’t believe in Trump believe in your ability to overcome the obstacles he could bring.

November 11

Bravery is only revealed in times of certain defeat and odds, and the veterans who show it are the ones who turn certain defeat into victory. And for that we thank you.

November 12

“Don’t pray for easier lives. Pray to be stronger.”

November 13

If you have confidence and trust, share it.

November 14

It’s hard to accept defeat. It’s even harder to win after defeat.

November 15

To each his own.

November 16

Every choice has a consequence.

November 17

Violence leads to more violence.

November 18

Everyone’s a victim of greed. Some more than others. Those who persevere through it can grow stronger than greed itself.

November 19

Your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness.

November 20

Home is where your family and friends are.

November 21

I have no idea with today.

November 22

The last day of stress is the best day ever.

November 23

Reuniting with friends is one of the most difficult tasks, but the most rewarding.

November 24

Give thanks.

November 25

It’s ironic we’re thankful one minute, but then Black Friday could take it all away.

November 26

Everything happens for a reason which could always be positive.

November 27

Make life great by finding reasons not to complain.

November 28

People should be solely judged based on actual factors that can be controlled instead of the opposite.

November 29

Never take the easy way out.

November 30

“Nothing in this world worth having comes easy.”

December 1

Where you see yourself in 10 years vs. where you actually are in 10 years. Completely different and more likely for the better.

December 2

“Why risk what you need and have for what you don’t need?”

December 3

Being stupid means making a fool of yourself or something. Being too stupid means endangering yourself and others around you.

December 4

The best advantage is being able to make one when necessary.

December 5

We never give ourselves credit for the things that are most deserving of praise and vice versa. Confidence?

December 6

Respect is earned through talent, discipline, and even more respect.

December 7

Take a moment to reflect.

December 8

What makes people different is how each person reacts to each thing.

December 9

Treasure every small victory.

December 10

The more things change the more they stay the same.

December 11

Shelter protects us from danger.

December 12

Secrets mean the difference in a relationship

December 13

It’s hard to win, but easy to lose

December 14

Give shelter for those who need it because you never know when you will need.

December 15

The constant pursuit of satisfying curiosity is what makes the world go round, but it’s sadly slowing down

December 16

The pain of lies correlates with time.

December 17

The future is dictated by what we do in the present, so stop worrying about it and take it a day at a time.

December 18

There are two types of days, easy and hard. What you do today will decide what type of day tomorrow will be.

December 19

Trust is everything.

December 20

Compromise doesn’t favor everyone.

December 21

There is no such thing as an accident when you’re drunk.

December 22

Each step will always be worth it even if it's backward

December 23

Sometimes, you have to go beyond the question to find the solution.

December 24

Take a moment to find the signs of your true calling.

December 25

Miracles are real.

December 26

Never set your expectations too high.

December 27

Everyone wants to be an example of something great, and one decision could take that all away or grant you the title.

December 28

Like a road, life has signs warning us of danger. If we don’t listen, we could crash. However, unlike the road, we’re always the one to blame and never guaranteed some form of insurance.

December 29

There are simply problems you can’t solve alone.

December 30

Never take tomorrow for granted. Make every day a little special.

December 31

What makes a year is great is the people you share it with.

January 1, 2017

The greatest gift you can give someone is their time because you can never get it back.

To those who have read up to this point, I say thank you. To everyone, that has given me the ideas to learn the 366 lessons, I say thank you.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

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