We know college without our best friends would be a little harder to tolerate. Lucky for us, we're surrounded by a second family and endless laughs to get us through the mental breakdowns and exams. With Valentine's day approaching and some of us not having a valentine, this is a perfect time to have a multitude of friends. More than likely, you and your best friends plan a fun night with dinner and movies since we can't be with our significant others (as Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year). Our friends are there to laugh at our terrible jokes and hype us up for when we do something we're going to regret later. It's a title not everyone is willing and ready to accept.

Let's take a second to appreciate all the questions we constantly ask our best friends, because face it, if we asked anyone else we'd be a laughing stock.

1. Hey, what's a catchy caption for this photo?

2. Is that guy cute?

3. Does he look too much like my ex?

4. Should I shave my legs before we go out?

5. Can I only shave what will be seen?

6. Is it gross I haven't washed my hair in over a week?

7. Does this look like I'm trying too hard?

8.Sticky boobs or band-aids?

9. So you think I shouldn't ask him on a date?

10. ...Would you be mad at me if I did?

11. Do I have to put on pants to go to Walmart?

12. Can I borrow a towel? Mine aren't clean.

13. Can I also borrow your blue halter?

14. Would you still talk to me if I looked like this?

15. Please don't judge me for everything I ate today, okay?

16. Where have you been?

17. Does my butt look too big in these jeans?

18. Would you tell me if I looked ugly in this?

19. Does your boyfriend have any cute friends?

20. Can you wing-girl for me tonight?

21. What should I say back to him?

22. Does this sound too high strung?

23. Did you see what _____ posted about you?!

24. Am I driving or you?

25. Does my breath smell okay?

26. Can you drive me to class?

27. Is there anything in my teeth?

28. Can you fix my eyebrows?

29. Is ice cream for breakfast unhealthy?

30. Is it my turn to buy dinner?

31. Am I gonna be in your wedding?

32. Will you go to the gym with me?

33. Are you alive?

34. Coffee? Tea? Doughnut? A Shot?

35. How would I survive life without you?