In Connecticut as well as other places, summer is the prime time for work for those in both high school and college. Many work at places such as a convenience store or even a supermarket. But there's those lucky few who get to call, an amusement park home, especially one such as Lake Compounce. If you have or still call the lake home you might recognize some of these:

1. Basically, your whole summer is spent there, even on your days off.

2. You've made the day trips down to Hershey Park, because why not free admission.

3. You've gone back to school with both a pretty rad shirt and watch tan.

4. You know that the best burgers in the Park are always at Pinks.

5. If you want good fries you know you have to wait in line at the Potato Patch.

6. You own a million pairs of those ugly "required" khaki shorts.

7. Almost half your closet has the words, " Lake Compounce" on it.

8. Kiddie Land is the bane of your existence down to your core.

9. You've prayed for a bump to go and sometimes dreaded its existence.

10. You dread the days that you get sent to lift or chute.

11. The word Rainbow no matter in what context will always send shivers down the back of your spine.

12. You've developed at deep relationship with your height stick.

13. Dunkin' Donuts has become a necessity in your life especially first thing in the morning.

14. You've learned that speed-dry is nothing more than absorbent cat litter.

15. The word "Snow cone" will never hold the same meaning for you anymore.

16. You've learned to pray for thunder and lightening.

17. You learned that even though there are thunderstorms in the forecast they tend to blow right by the lake.

18. Even after the season is over you still seem to remember all of your ride speeches.

19. You can accurately say that the park becomes your home away from home during the summer.

20. You've worked your ass off in hopes of one day receiving the golden pickle.

21. You've become a master at developing witty sayings.

22. You own two million pairs of sunglasses.

23. You have a pair of sneakers set aside specifically for work.

24. You've ridden sky coaster at least once.

25. You can point out the nearest hydration station or bathroom from anywhere in the park.

26. You've become extremely loud to the point where you find yourself doing it in normal conversation.

27. You've formed a love/hate relationship with Winston.

28. You've officially mastered American flyers.

29. You know its gonna be a bad day if you forgot your water bottle.

31. You've learned that south break room is the best because AC of course.

32. And last but not least, you've made friendships that will last you a lifetime.