Being an over-thinker is tough. The simplest of tasks become extremely difficult because you have to stop and think about every detail before completing it. However, if you are anything like me you have learned to embrace your anxious mind and laugh about it now and again.

1. You are constantly reminded that everything is going to be OK, but you swear in fact it will not.

2. Daily tasks that seem normal for others make you question the meaning of life.

3. Phrases like "I don't know," "maybe," and "soon" are intolerable.

4. You're always worried that someone is mad at you.

5. If someone doesn't answer your text in at least two minutes, that means they don't want to be friends anymore.


6. Web M.D. convinced you that you had cancer at least once.

7. You are very empathetic towards people.

8. If someone forgets to say hi to you then they obviously hate you.

9. You have your friends proofread emails to employers or professors a million times before sending them out.

10. Your critical thinking skills are pretty on point

11. If someone unfollows you, that totally means that they loathe your existence.12. If someone stares at you for too long, you immediately whip out your front phone camera to see what's wrong with your face.

13. You feel weird eating in front of people because you think they're watching you.

14. You're still thinking about a conversation you had with someone five days ago.

15. When you apologize, you truly mean it.16. You love to live in the moment because you are so used to thinking in the future.

17. You are always worried about what tomorrow will bring.

18. If someone texts you "lol" you wonder if they really did.

19. You have the biggest heart.20. The way someone says something makes a huge difference to you.

21. You love having fun because it stops you from thinking so much.

22. When people tell you to "chill out," they are dead to you.

23. You constantly have to convince people that you're not crazy.

24. You can't post an Instagram picture without asking your friends if it's OK.

25. You can't trust people who don't have their read receipts on.

26. You can't go out in public alone because you think everyone will think you're a loser.

27. "What if" is a phrase you constantly use.

28. You become a philosopher as soon as you hit the sheets, so sleep is nearly impossible.

29. You never feel like you're enough.

30. You freak out as soon as your phone battery hits 60 percent.