30 Things To Thank Your Best Friends For

Friends are an essential piece to the puzzle in everyone’s life. As human beings, we thrive off of the relationships we have with our friends just like we would with those in our family. In fact, if we are lucky, our friends eventually become more like family. During these past 3.5 years in college, looking back now, I’ve realized just how much my friends have helped me make it to where I am now and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I want to thank you for...

1. Always listening to my stories and jokes no matter how many bad ones I’ve told you.

2. Then, letting me know just how bad it was so I don’t embarrass myself by telling it again to someone else.

3. Understanding my sarcastic humor and being willing to dish it right back.

4. Forgiving me when I accidentally take the joke to far, because you know I didn’t mean it.

5. Never failing to be honest with me.

6. Taking the most ratchet selfies with me.

7. Then posting them for everyone to see.

8. Wearing sweats with me because I don’t feel like looking “cute.”

9. Always being down to go to Taco Bell with me at any hour of the night.

10. Being someone I can always count on when life has got me down.

11. Taking my side even when I’m wrong because you’re always in my corner.

12. Constantly making me laugh at the little things in life.

13. Knowing when I’m not acting like myself and am about to break.

14. Then knowing whether or not it’s something I want to talk about or just need you to sit with me.

15. Understanding that I’m weird but you’re weird too so you’re okay with it.

16. Being available for a spontaneous movie night when studying just isn’t going to be an option.

17. Letting me treat your closet as my own.

18. Not freaking out when I have to cancel or reschedule plans.

19. Taking time out of your day to see how mine is going.

20. Genuinely caring about our friendship by making an effort non-stop.

21. Lending me your family and home when mine isn’t easily accessible.

22. Then making me feel like part of your family.

23. Liking the same Netflix shows as me (or pretending to so I don’t have to watch them alone).

24. Never pressuring me into doing something I don’t want to.

25. Sharing your food with me when my stash gets low.

26. Trusting me to DJ in your car while you’re driving.

27. Knowing my biggest secret and not telling a soul.

28. Sleeping on my couch because I get scared sometimes.

29. Making me a better person just by being a part of my life.

30. Knowing all of my flaws and choosing to love me anyways.

This list isn’t specific to just one individual friend, but all of the friends I’ve made along the way who continue to be such a big part of my life. You continue to be there for me and I hope you know how much that means. If you weren’t aware, I’d do the same for you any day of the week. You really are the best friend a girl could ask for and I’m grateful I get to call you one of mine.

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