"Hey sexy how's it hanging?!"

Now, I can't speak for one hundred percent of the readers of this article out there, but let me tell you, hearing this phrase yelled at me on the street makes my skin eject goosebumps, my blood turn stiff, and my face morph into a disgusted mug. And I feel like if you've ever been subjected to a catcall, you know these aforementioned side effects all to well.

Even the statement itself--sexy-- from a stranger, makes me grit my teeth. Ew.

But alas, receiving such a derogatory term caused my mind to go into overdrive thinking of things I'd much rather hear than shallow compliments. Here's just a few:

1. "Hey, I like your tattoo!"

2. "Hey, your makeup looks great today!"

3. "I really like your eyebrows."

4. "Your eyes are a stunning color."

5. "Your smile is infectious."

6. "Your laugh is so cute, it makes me laugh!"

7. "I like how your hair is styled today."

8. "You smell delightful."

9. "Gosh, I never noticed your freckles. How adorable!"

10. "I like your vibes."

Psychical compliments (in a reciprocated setting) are always nice, but let's get to the core--personality compliments! Man, those get me. Tell me any and all of he following, and I'll be your buddy

11. "You're hilarious!"

12. "You're so kind."

13. "Hey, you're pretty smart."

14. "I love how friendly you are!"

15. "You're pretty chill, I appreciate that."

16. "I love how optimistic you are."

17. "Thanks for all the motivation, I needed it!"

18. "You have a certain elegance about you."

19. "I'm glad you have a good sense of humor."

20. "I appreciate all you do for me."

You know the best way to spark a friendship? One word: questions!

21. "Favorite Harry Potter movie?"

22. "Favorite Paper Mario game?"

23. "Favorite album?"

24. "Favorite color?"

25. "Favorite drag queen?" (aright just me--but still)

26. "Where are you from?"

27. "Favorite food?" (hint: it's chicken nuggets)

28. "Favorite animal?"

29. "Is the glass half full or half empty?"

and the piece de resistance for college aged kids

30. "What's your major?"

Let's do a quick recap: catcalls are never okay. These responses are unsolicited, and fail to come off as any sort of compliment. The main issue I see with catcalls is the fact that there are some males out there who believe they dictate the attractiveness level of women. All women show beauty, but the hidden beauty of that is how we all show beauty in different ways. We would all have a wildly different list of 30. Who knows? Maybe your list of 30 would include some incarnation of sexy, but mine (obviously) did not. So boys and girls, next time you see a cutie, step back, and just wonder what they would be most excited to hear. You might be surprised!