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30 Signs You're From Wisconsin

When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all!

30 Signs You're From Wisconsin

We truly love it here in the Badger State. Here are a few things Wisconsinites can relate to.

  1. You know Wisconsin is the true Dairy State. We run on milk and cheese.
  2. You’ve hit a deer with your car or at least know someone who has multiple times.
  3. You get super excited when "Jump Around" comes on and proceed to do just that.
  4. You’ve danced the polka with your grandpa or a great aunt at least once.
  5. You know that Summerfest is the ultimate music party of the summer.
  6. When you go to church on Sundays during football season, at least half the folks are wearing green and gold.
  7. You’re proud of the fact that we love beer. You can thank WI for Miller, Leinenkugel’s, Point, Spotted Cow and PBR, among others. (But we remind you to "Drink Wisconsinably!")
  8. Your favorite summer vacation as a kid was to Wisconsin Dells—the water park capital of the world!
  9. In the winter in elementary school, snow pants, boots and a big coat were required before going out to recess.
  10. It’s totally normal to walk into someone’s house and see multiple bucks mounted on the wall.
  11. Your town is practically dead on a Friday night in the fall because everybody is at the high school football game.
  12. You’d be lost without Culver’s ButterBurgers and custard.
  13. You’ve owned a cheesehead at some point in your life.
  14. When half of the school goes missing during the fall, you know it’s hunting season.
  15. When at the state fair, the first thing you want to find are the cream puffs. Second are the cheese curds.
  16. You're proud of the fact that the Green Bay Packers are the only publicly owned, non-profit sports organization in the U.S.
  17. You get excited when Wisconsin is mentioned in your favorite movies and shows. Wisconsin is referenced in "Mean Girls," "The Great Gatsby," "Bridesmaids," "That 70s Show," "Titanic," and "Home Alone."
  18. You know when someone says “I want a brat,” they’re not talking about a whiny kid.
  19. You’ve tried sauerkraut and it’s not bad.
  20. Friday nights in the spring are reserved for fish frys.
  21. You know what a bubbler is.
  22. No matter what college you go/went to, you’ll always root for the Badgers.
  23. You hated Brett Favre when he left, but have since learned to forgive him.
  24. A foot of snow fell last night? Sorry you’re still going to school.
  25. You know that on a sunny summer Saturday in Madison the farmer’s market is the place to be.
  26. You refer to the Packers as “we.”
  27. You’ll take your cheese curds squeaky or deep fried; as long as they’re from Wisconsin.
  28. Some of your best summer memories were made up north.
  29. You find it awesome that our state is home to cool things like the Lumberjack World Championships, the Hamburger Hall of Fame, EAA AirVenture and a 40-foot Muskie statue.
  30. Between the snow, beer, cheese and the Pack, your heart lies in Wisconsin.
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